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Updated 26 May 2005

An article, allegedly written by J. J. Hurtak, and later a similar article by Paul White has been making its way around Cyberspace for several years. It is an intriquing report on what supposedly constituted an Ancient City Found Under the Giza Pyramids!  Wow!

However... Halexandria has recently received information from Kathleen Donaldson of the Academy for Future Science that the article was not written by J. J. Hurtak, and that furthermore, Mr. White has asked that anyone keeping this article alive be politely asked to discontinue doing so. See, for example, http://www.cam.net.uk/home/aaa315/spirit/egypt-secrets.htm.

Inasmuch as the above link provides much the same information as the original article contained here, Halexandria is eliminating this article from its archives.

Too bad. It was a cool article. Just wrong. Such is much of life.


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