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Selected New Energy Patents

Howard R. Johnson, “Permanent Magnet Motor”, U. S. Patent No. 4,151,431. April 24, 1979.

Howard R. Johnson, “Magnetic Force Generating Method and Apparatus”, U. S. Patent No. 4,877,983. October 31, 1989 [Filed November 19, 1985].

Howard R. Johnson, “Magnetic Propulsion System”, U. S. Patent No. 5,402,021. March 28, 1995.

Teruo Kawai, “Motive Power Generating Device”, U. S. Patent No. 5,436,518. July 25, 1995  [Filed June 17, 1993]

Y. Takahashi, “Powdery Raw Material Composition for a Permanent Magnet”, U. S. Patent No. 5,443,617.  August 22, 1995  [Filed September 30, 1994]

Y. Takahashi, “Method for Preparing Multilayer Dielectric Powder Condensors,” U. S Patent No. 5,429,790.   July 4, 1995  [Filed March 25, 1994]

James A. Patterson, “System for Electrolysis”, U. S. Patent No. 5,494,559.  February 27, 1996 [Filed June 8, 1995]

James Griggs, U. S. Patent No. 5,188,090.

Schaefer, U. S. Patent No. 3,791,349.

Kenneth Shoulders, “High Density Charge Cluster Device”, U. S. Patent No. 5,018,180.

Brian S. Ahern, Keith H. Johnson, and Harry R. Clark, Jr.,  “Method of Maximizing Anharmonic Oscillations in Deuterated Alloys”, U. S. Patent No. 5,411,654.  May 2, 1995. [Filed 7/2/93]

Francesco Piantelli, Energy Generation and Generator by Means of Anharmonic Stimulated Fusion”, International Patent Classification G21B 1/00 and Publication Number WO 95/20816.

Thomas E. Bearden and Stephen L. Patrick, “Method and Apparatus for Extracting Internal EM Flow Energy of the Potential and Reducing Back EMF in Electrical Sources to Improve Operational Efficiency,” U. S. Patent Application No. 08/192687. February 7, 1994 and May 13, 1994.

T. E. Bearden, Steven L. Patrick, and Kenneth D. Moore, “Room Temperature Superconductivity  Poynting Energy Flow, and Overunity Coefficient of Performance of Electrical Systems,” U. S. Patent Application No. ________.  June 7, 1995.

Thomas E. Bearden and Kenneth D. Moore, “Passive and Active Amplification of Input Voltage to Increase Output Field Energy Density of Poynting Generators,” Provisional Patent Application, filed July 1995.


(5/27/9) for those interested in the latest patents, note that there are two websites which may help in intellectual property research:


These sites provide free patent searching, along with free PDF downloading (bulk downloads possible on SumoBrain), annotating and sharing documents with other users, free alerts for new documents, and more. [Thanks, James, for the tip.]


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