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The Hypothesis

Mary Magdalen has been a critical figure in our story.  The evidence strongly suggests she escaped Israel with the bloodline of Jesus, the heir apparent of the king of the Jews, and the issue of a royal marriage which combined the royal lines of the tribes of Judaea and Benjamin -- a merging as well of a patriarchal Judaism and those Jews still honoring the mother Goddess.  She may have also been carrying the true royal blood -- the Star Fire, or the ORME being manufactured by the Essenes for their chosen leaders.   

Finding her way to Gaul -- where established Jewish communities already existed -- the Magdalen might have found refuge for her and her treasures.  The bloodline could then have perpetuated itself, intact and incognito, for some four hundred years -- possibly including dynastic intermarriages not only with other Jewish families but with Romans and Visigoths as well.  And perhaps in the fifth century Jesus' lineage became allied with the royal line of the Franks, thereby engendering the Merovingian dynasty.*      

This would explain the sacred status accorded the Merovingians, the legendary birth of Merovee -- child of two fathers, one of them a symbolic marine creature from beyond the sea, a marine creature which, like Jesus, might be equated with a mystical fish -- The Fisher King.  It would explain the pact between the Roman Catholic Church and Clovis' bloodline -- for would not a pact with Jesus' lineal descendants be the obvious pact for a church founded in his name?  It would explain the apparently incommensurate stress laid on the assassination of Dagobert II -- for the Church, by being party to that murder, would have been guilty not only of regicide, but according to its own tenets, of deicide as well.  It would explain the attempt to eradicate Dagobert from history.  It would explain the Carolingians' obsession to legitimize themselves as Holy Roman Emperors by claiming a Merovingian pedigree.

It would also explain the extraordinary status accorded the Magdalen and the cult significance she attained during the Crusades.  A bloodline descended from Jesus through Dagobert would also explain the Grail family in the romances -- the secrecy that surrounds it, its exalted status, the impotent Fisher King unable to rule, the process whereby Perceval becomes heir to the Grail castle -- and it would explain the mystical pedigree of Godfroi de Bouillon -- son or grandson of Lohengrin, grandson or great-grandson of Perceval, scion of the Grail family.  And if Godfroi were descended from Jesus, his triumphant capture of Jerusalem in 1099 would have entailed far more than simply rescuing the Holy Sepulchre from the infidel.  Godfroi would have been reclaiming his own rightful heritage.

It would explain much of the extraordinary power of the Templars, defenders of the Grail family, and which led to the Cathars, the Albigensian Heresy and campaign, and eventually the evolution of the Ordre de Sion to the modern day Prieure de Sion.  It would explain why John XXIII took his name, his possible allegiance and understanding of the great secret of the Prieure de Sion, and why the Pontiff went to such lengths to argue that the death of Jesus by crucifixion was not as important as the fact that Jesus had shed his blood.  For the latter would have allowed the Roman Catholic Church to survive the realization by the people that the crucifixion was a stage-managed attempt to fulfill the Messiah prophecies, but not to result in the death of Jesus.  It was also explain Pierre Plantard de Saint Clair, Grand Master of the Prieure de Sion from June 1981 until July 1984, and his son, Thomas, the latter who may very well be the current lineal descendent and heir apparent to Jesus, King of the Jews.

Keep in mind that most of the players in this two thousand years of drama may have been assuming -- with considerable justification -- that the bloodline was the key.  That the line from Jesus to Godfroi and beyond was sacred because of the great powers conferred by the blood coursing through their veins.  And thus, by the simple expedient of ignoring any possibility of “excursions” by various members of the elite bloodline, the concept of the royal blood could be the key to ensuring the throne for the legitimate heirs.  

But there is also the distinct possibility that a few of the players -- those able to wield the truly impressive powers of the Templars, their ancestors and descendants -- would have been aware of the Star Fire of the Anunnaki Goddesses, the ORME cultivated by the Essene metallurgists, and the supreme importance of the “white powder of gold”.  These same individuals (and potentially the modern day recipients of their secret knowledge) might have recognized the importance of Sacred Mathematics and Connective Physics as well, in the management of the affairs of Earth.   

The question now is the degree to which the Enki and Enlil conflict has been extant in today’s world, whether or not, The Party’s Over, or whether the Justice, Order, and Law of modern times is simply the extension of a saga eons old.  And ultimately, of course, what does Extraterrestrial Life have to do with this, how does this affect our abilities in Creating Reality?  Is Tree of Life remain the ultimate symbol of life on this third rock from the sun.


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*This very abbreviated historical perspective is taken from numerous sources, including specifically, the excellent book, Holy Blood, Holy Grail by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln [Dell Publishing, 666 Fifth Avenue, New York, 1983].   


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