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In the Cydonia region of the planet Mars, two principal photographs have revealed an alleged artifact on the Red Planet which has become known to many analysts as the “Face on Mars”.  Intensive photographic analysis has demonstrated that the NASA dismissal of the photographs as being a “trick of light and shadow” is simplistic and clearly inadequate.  In fact, the acronym, NASA, is now being referred to as: “Never A Straight Answer”.  (In this regard it must be remembered that NASA is a Department of Defense agency, and like most military agencies rely on the dictum of always requiring “a need to know”, and thus err on the side of secrecy and deception rather than forthright statements or truth.)  

In a subsequent fly-by several years ago, additional photos were taken of the Face, and which allegedly removed any doubt of an artificial origin of the feature.  Unfortunately for the skeptics, the alleged artifact was still “framed” as in the previous manner, and there appeared to be not just a lack of artificiality in the more recent photos, but changes in the configuration which would lead one to conclude that the original photos could no longer be obtained, even with a “trick of light and shadow”.   

<http://www.enterprisemission.com/jplimaging.html> provides some of the better photos of Cydonia (some in considerable detail).  These photos have been extensively studied, but feel free to make your own observations.  

NASA’s latest photographic evidence, while challenging the concept of a “Face on Mars”, did not, however, provide any reference or rebuttal to theories concerning several pyramid like structures, unusual craters and ridges, and other large scale objects in the Cydonia region, and which have been shown to illustrate profound Hyperdimensional Physics and mathematics.  The end result is that it is extremely unlikely all the formations in the Cydonia region are natural, and instead are almost certainly artificial and contain within their coding, valuable information.           

Much more significantly, in bringing the Cydonia message down to Earth, Myers [1] and Hoagland [2] have shown the complex of structures and their mathematical relationship have been duplicated on the planet Earth, specifically in the area southwest of London, England.  A small scale version includes Avebury’s famous Stone Circle, Silbury Hill, a small burrow west of Silbury Hill, and a series of burrows west of Avebury.  These ancient structures match up with the Cydonia map exactly -- as the overlay below clearly shows.  

Note that the “gap” in the right hand of the upper right crater corresponds to a road which cuts the Avebury circle (entering from the east).  At Avebury, the “cumulus” in the lower left corner, which corresponds to the five side pyramid of Mars’ Cydonia, is currently a near circle of larger trees (with an opening toward Silbury Hill), surrounding a mound with a single square shaped stone marker situated at the top of the mound.  There is, of course, nothing at the location of the “Face”, as this is now a field used for raising crops.  

A larger scale version includes Stonehenge, the Glastonbury Tor, Worlebury Hill in Weston-Super-Mare, the City of Marlboro, Barbury Castle, and again Avebury. In this version, Ward [3] has identified Brent’s Knoll (south of Weston-Super-Mare) as representing a similarly shaped mound on Mars, and has included it in the geometrical relationships.  For example, a line from Brent’s Knoll to Worlebury Hill (and the location of an ancient church) lies 13.5 degrees west of a north-south line, the 13.5 degree angle being quite relevant.  Furthermore, a line drawn from the Glastonbury Tor and tangent to the southwestern edge of Brent’s Knoll makes an angle of 34.7 degrees with an east-west line.  This angle in radians corresponds to the quotient of two of the most important Transcendental Numbers, i.e., e/p.   

[Extremely curious is that at the point where the tangent line is drawn at Brent’s Knoll in the direction of the Glastonbury Tor, there is a 19th Century (A.D.!) monument erected by the British Government.  Not a monument in the center of the old iron age fort at Brent’s Knoll, but on the outer circle, and at the precise location to afford a tangent to the Tor.  One might suspect that there are knowledgeable people in the government (or were), and who have never deigned to include the people in their secrets!]           

The obvious implication that the constructed “henges”, circles, mounds, and even cuts in surrounding dikes in the Earth version, which correspond on a one-on-one basis with what is seen on Mars in a much larger size, is that the builders of the English landmarks were either aware of the Martian features (or the Martians were mimicking Earth’s features).  


Another Mars-Earth connection involves three, so-called shield volcanoes on Mars which lie in the same exact relative position as the three stars (Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka) in “Orion’s Belt” in the constellation Orion, and the three Giza Pyramids near Cairo, Egypt, and the three pyramids at Teotihuacan in Mexico!  Furthermore, if the Sphinx is included with the Martian alleged volcanoes (there being no conclusive proof that they’re of natural origin), the Sphinx’s location would be precisely on the equator of Mars.  And just to drive the point home, “Cairo” means Mars in a local, ancient language of Egypt.  

Such anomalies go beyond Mars, and include what Hoagland [2] believes to be ancient, partially destroyed artifacts on Earth’s Moon.  Hoagland also believes that there is considerable evidence to suggest that the Earth’s Moon is artificial and quite possibly hollow, and that the collision of Comet Shoemaker-Levy with Jupiter was not a natural, random event.  The evidence for these beliefs are less convincing, but enough that they should not be dismissed out of hand.           

With respect to Earth, artifacts of extraterrestrial or interdimensional intelligences may be said to include the Giza Pyramids, the pyramids at Teotihuacan (Mexico), the Nazca plains of Peru, and the ruins surrounding Lake Titicaca in Bolivia.  Of particular importance is the mathematical similarities between The Great Pyramids at Giza and Teotihuacan, despite being separated on opposite sides of the world and supposedly built by cultures with no knowledge of each other.  For example, both the larger two pyramids at each site have their peaks at the same elevation, despite this requiring one pyramid to be larger.  Also, the bases of the largest pyramid at the two sites is the same, and the slope of the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan has a slope exactly 3/4 of the Great Pyramid of Giza.   

There is also the relationship between these groups of pyramids and the three principal stars in Orion’s Belt (in the Constellation Orion).  They are in the same relative position as the Giza Pyramids and the pyramids at Teotihuacan.  Additionally, the Orion Nebula and the associated stars in this star-making area just below “Orion’s Belt” appear to connect with the pyramids at Teotihuacan. These latter stars are usually depicted as “Orion’s Sword”, but inasmuch as Orion is also depicted as battling a lion with a club (i.e. why not use his sword?), the Nebula and associated stars are more likely to be “Orion’s Phallus”.  Keep in mind that this region in interstellar space is clearly a creative and apparently fertile region of new star formations.  Such a theory also connects Giza and Teotihuacan on other dimensions as well.  

A curious event happened in 1908 in the wilds of Siberia which added further evidence of possible extraterrestrial intervention -- this one in comparatively modern times.  Known as the Tunguska Explosion, a large section of forests was leveled by a mid-air explosion, which mainstream science has dismissed as a comet exploding upon reaching the Earth’s atmosphere.  This ad hoc explanation, however, does not explain the comet’s trajectory which, according to eyewitnesses, included three different directions (north, east, west) in rapid sequence.  Analysis by Ward [3] suggests the explosion was more likely to have been a signal of some kind, rather than an inadvertent explosion.  

The reality appears to be that if we merely look around our planet for artifacts and other anomalies -- those which simply can not be explained by a limited view understanding of what the ancient human civilizations were capable of -- then we are faced inexorably with the fact that other non-human intelligences were involved in their creation.  


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[1]  Myers, David P., Two-Thirds, Aulis Publishers, London, 1993.

[2]  Hoagland, Richard, Lecture presented at the International Forum on New Science, Fort Collins, Colorado, September, 1995; see also Hoagland’s Monuments of Mars.

[3]  Ward, Daniel Sewell DocPtah, (aka Daniel Nightwolf), “Are the Extraterrestrials Who First Came to Earth Still Here?”, Proceedings of the International Forum on New Science, Fort Collins, Colorado, 1995.


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