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Invasion of Earth

The invasion of the earth by the Excessively Evil, Extraterrestrial, Reptilian, Slimy Over-lords -- slated for sometime in the next couple of months (or is it next year?) -- has been canceled.  This was due in part to the fact most of the people of Earth have already been subjugated by their Governmental and Corporate Rule Excessively Evil, Terrestrial, Reptilian, Slimy Overlords.  

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So where are the UFOs and invading extraterrestrials just when we (or the ruling elite) need them for scapegoats?  It is, after all, one of the benefits of Reptilian Conspiracy Theory that one need not be responsible for one’s own deeds, actions, and thoughts, but can instead revert to the claim made famous by Flip Wilson, i.e., “The Devil made me do it.”  Or perhaps, “The Devil did it to me/us/Earth and thus I’m not responsible!”   

As Bruce Cornet as pointed out (and as evidenced by the research of Dr. John Mack), there is an overwhelming thread that connects most contact and abduction reports [those allegedly initiated by UFOs, ETs, or whatever]: i.e., The theme of what we humans are doing to our planet.  If, for example, humans continue to abuse and destroy other species, habitats, and shared life resources, there will be no need for an extraterrestrial invasion of earth -- we will have fouled our own nest without the assistance of any external bad guys.  To paraphrase Pogo Possum, “We will have met the enemy, and he will have been us.”            

Years ago, Linda Moulton Howe produced a video on the subject of cattle mutilations and other atrocities -- which were allegedly the horrific work of extraterrestrials with negative agendas for the human race.  Some of the material, however, included UFO abductees recalling under hypnosis their experiences with the ETs (Dr. Leo Sprinkle’s work).  In one notable case, the woman abductee under hypnosis gave a reason for a possible ET interest in our planet:  They were monitoring the radioactivity levels.             

This idea provides an explanation for the so-called “cattle mutilations”: Cattle are excellent “data collectors”.  They roam about, grazing upon the grass, which is fed by the water, which may have become contaminated by the radioactivity, which man has released.  The cattle's genitals and eyes are carved out, because it is there where the greatest amount of potential radiation damage can be most easily detected.  Very simple.  It just doesn’t contain as much pointless drama as other fantasized, conspiratorial motives.  

This sort of reasoning can also provide an explanation with regards to human abductions.  The ET’s seemingly uncommon interest in the genetics of humans might be the reason why UFOs are often seen around nuclear reactor sites.  One can conjure up all sorts of evil and Halloween XIII scenarios, or one can assume that the ETs, or at least a significant and equally (or more powerful) grouping of them are in reality monitoring the earth and the effects of the earth changes on mankind -- particularly those changes caused by man.           

However, if you prefer the more dramatic reptilian invasion scenario, then consider the following: If the ETs were truly evil and essentially unhindered by other forces (including other ETs), then they would have made toast of the human race a long time ago.  When you have interstellar or interdimensional travel abilities, you’re also going to have a war-making (or “motivational”) technology which is substantially (or enormously) more developed than human state-of-the-art technologies (even those from Area 51).   

Thus humans (including any fear-based New World Order advocates or so-called elites) are not going to be able to resist any ETs who are just plain mean and intent upon invading or controlling the Earth.  As Star Trek’s “Borg” informed us: “Resistance is Futile.  You will be assimilated.”  Resistance would be truly futile in the face of an overwhelming technology, and it already seems abundantly clear -- i.e. we’ve haven’t yet been assimilated -- that the more powerful forces in the neighborhood are those who appreciate and honor diversity, and thus have little or no desire to assimilate anyone!  Would you, for example, really want to assimilate your neighbors?  Would you even want to eat at the same table with them?           

Ken Carey, author of The Starseed Transmissions and other books, was once asked if there were ETs out there who were meaner than humans and at the same time were also technologically more advanced than humans.  Carey’s response was, I think, classic:  “If they’re meaner than humans, they don’t make it beyond where we are.”  Yup!

Perhaps humans are on the threshold of advancing into a loving and much greater human civilization.  Or we’re about to do ourselves in.  But from the viewpoint of the “advanced ETs”, the more appropriate message might be that if the ETs want to assimilate or annihilate humankind, resistance would be futile, and furthermore, it would already be a done deal!  Therefore, one must conclude that such is not their intention.  Which leaves only two possibilities:  Noninterference (even to prevent our own suicide), or the lowest level of assistance consistent with honoring our Free Will.  

It would appear that all of the pure unadulterated crap (or 99.99% pure unadulterated crap) and scare stories about evil reptilians is pure barn carpeting.  Keep in mind that the true “father of humans” is EN.KI., who is always represented by the reptilian snake -- the same kind of thing used as the symbol for healing.  All of the anti-reptilian authorities are very likely far, far below this exalted state.  These forces are more likely EN.LIL supporters, where EN.LIL. is the guy who would just as well have seen mankind perish in the flood, who tossed mankind out of the Garden of Eden (where the true snake, EN.KI. had given humans the understanding of good and evil), or who in general has had no compunction in using humans for cannon-fodder.            

In short, the use of the Reptilian imagery to strike fear in the hearts of humans is just old paradigm crap -- the kind Inquisitions and other fear-based ideologies have used for centuries.  It’s time to dismiss this garbage and move on.   

In fact, it might be a good idea to suggest by our actions and deeds that humans are capable of living in harmony with themselves and other species, and thus should be allowed to remain on earth as beneficent sovereign beings.  Otherwise, we are but minions or pawns of fear-based elites.  To each of us belongs the option of which we choose to be.  

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