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Bruce Lee Effect

Bruce Lee <http://www.brucelee.com> is best known for four movies (one released after his death) in which he raised the bar on martial arts in the movies.  Originally, Lee had been born in San Francisco, but had spent most of his youth in Hong Kong, where he first began learning the Wing Chun form of martial arts.  He eventually returned to the United States, where he finished High School, and then majored in Philosophy at the University of Washington.  Not having completed his study of Wing Chun, he began to examine and incorporate aspects of other martial arts into his fighting style.  This led him to create and teach his own personal system of martial arts.  His lack of completing Wing Chun under a master may have been an extremely important aspect of his life.  

Another good source of information on Bruce Lee is: "The Life and Career of Bruce Lee."

Bruce Lee died on July 20, 1973 at the age of 32, at the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Hong Kong.  The date of July 20th is particularly curious, in that this date is considered by people such as Richard Hoagland <http://www.enterprisemission.com> as being fundamentally important.  (Entirely too many significant events happen on this day, from year to year.)  Even the name of the hospital is under suspect in some quarters, and the exact nature of his death is still not known.  One possibility, discussed here, is that his exceptional ability in the martial arts may have been responsible for his untimely death.  

In describing Consciousness -- particularly with respect to the universal connection of all things in the universe as demonstrated by The Fifth Element, et al -- the potential for a human consciousness to act as a “channel” for an universal energy flow was noted.  The key point was that whether love, hate, or energy in any form was being channeled, there were remnants of this energetic passage in the channeler.  Love might leave love in the channeler, hate might leave hate, and energy in any form, a like energy.

 Bruce Lee has often been described as accomplishing astounding feats with the power of using his body to cripple or impel others in one direction or another.  However, if Mr. Lee was in fact channeling, i.e. using his consciousness to connect with the universal energies in order to accomplish his aims, then it is very likely that he was also experiencing the effects of the remnants in his body of whatever energetic energies he was channeling.

 In effect, whenever Bruce Lee, or any other practitioners are channeling vast amounts of love, hate, power, or energy through their bodies -- and in the process reaping a fair amount of residue of the universal energy (in any of its myriad forms, both esoteric and exoteric) -- an essential requirement for the practitioner’s mind and body will be to have a conscious state conductive to the process and at the same time, capable of utilizing the energies to advantage.

What we are calling the Bruce Lee Effect is the situation where too much energy flow for a given consciousness state or mental capacity is resulting in a situation where the body of the channeler of the energy suffers significantly.  Trying to channel a healing energy through a body for the benefit of another might in some cases result in overpowering the capacity of the body of the healer to compensate.  Funneling love in large quantities is unlikely to cause any negative effects, inasmuch as the very nature of love would be, at the very least, to soften any possible negative effects, and in the more likely scenario, simply leave the lover awash in love (a very desirable condition).

 But other forms of energy, even when positive or neutral in their intent, could be overdoing an individual’s ability to “carry the current”, so to speak.  Just as too much current can overload a circuit (and burn it out), too much directed energy can burn out the circuits of the channeler through which the energy is flowing.

In the case of Bruce Lee, is his untimely death a literal case of “burn out”, of his having attempted to carry too much current for too long a time?  It’s a distinct possibility.  And if one considers the fact he did not complete the Wing Chun in terms of its mastery, one can ask the degree to which he might have learned the methods by which he could better control the energies passing through his body.  By not having completed this training, he may have simply failed to learn some critical ability which would have allowed him to prevent his burning out his circuitry.

 Nothing in this concept should be construed to dishonor the memory of Bruce Lee, but rather to serve as an illustrative example of what might potentially be a concern.

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