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In 1971, two brothers named McKenna experimented with a shamanic combination of “sacred plants” in the Amazon jungle  -- a brew which reportedly had the same active ingredients as ayahuasca -- dimethyltryptamine, and harmine (a beta-carboline), both of which are closely related to the natural secretions of the pineal gland noted in advanced  meditators.  As a result of their experimentation, they shared a hallucinatory episode, such that upon their return to the USA, they became convinced that the Chinese I Ching (Book of Changes) [See also the Tao de Ching], an ancient oracle, worked because it contained a mathematical code of a “time wave” which underlied all change in the universe.  

According to www.diagnosis2012.co.uk, “the I Ching is a group of 64 six-line structures called hexagrams, which show all combinations of Yin and Yang (like + and - ).  Another researcher - Martin Schonberger, in 1973, found an exact correspondence between the 64 hexagrams and the 64 codons in our DNA, while the [McKenna] brothers worked on advanced neurochemical theories to explain how the chemistry system worked, by which they had accessed knowledge stored in their nuclear DNA.  

“Eventually, they found a complex fractal wave, where each level is 64 times greater than the one below, consisting of 26 levels, which describes all change in the universe, from sub-atomic event durations, up to a universe-length time span.  When they analyzed the peaks and troughs of history, and lined up the TimeWave over the wave of history, they found that the end of the wave, when all the sub-waves peak together,” was 2012 A.D.  

The McKennas’ work was subsequently criticized by a mathematician named Watkins (who had found a mathematical error).  Following this, a nuclear physicist, John Sheliak, subsequently found the same mistake Watkins had found.  However, Sheliak reported in http://levity.com/eschaton/sheliak that a slightly revised TimeWave (correcting the error Watkins and he had identified) fitted history even better. 

Sheliak, for example, noted <http://www.levity.com/eschaton/sheliak/seg_8.html> that other TimeWave periods having historical significance were examined for comparison.  The first was from 1895-1925, a time of major advances in physics and technology in combination with a world war.  “The first powered flight happened at Kittyhawk on December 17, 1903; followed by Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity (STR) on June 30, 1905; General Relativity in 1915, and the World War I period of 1914-1918.  The events that would be considered novel (i.e. manned flight and breakthroughs in physics) all occur at Novelty troughs or Novelty descents.  The Habitual phenomenon (war), on the other hand, appears to drive what seems to be a very novel period, back into habit. When both novel and habitual phenomenon are occurring simultaneously, they both influence the shape of the TimeWave.  WWI may have driven the wave further into habit than it did, if it weren’t for the simultaneous occurrence of very novel phenomena.  For example, the work on the General Theory of Relativity occurs in the midst of World War I’s habitual nature.  The more novel process of a significant advancement in scientific knowledge, actually appears to suppress what would have been a major ascent into habit, and actually driving the wave into novelty troughs.  

Sheliak noted a second period, from 1935-1955, which included the development and use of nuclear weapons, as well as two major wars.  “The development of nuclear science is really about becoming more aware and knowledgeable of a process that powers the sun and the stars - more aware of just how a very powerful aspect of nature works.  What one then does with such knowledge is a different process entirely - and largely a matter of consciousness and maturity.”  “The moment that this knowledge is converted to weapons technology - the nuclear explosion at Trinity Site in New Mexico - the wave begins a steep ascent into habit.”  

“The use of this awesome power against other human beings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki occurs shortly after the test at Trinity Site, and occurs on a very steep ascending slope of habit.  Perhaps the process of becoming more aware of nature, and ourselves - is very novel indeed.  It is the sacred knowledge of the shaman, who returns from an immersion into an aspect of nature, with guidance or healing for her or his people.  We seem to have lost the sense of sacred knowledge with its accompanying responsibility, somewhere along the way. Perhaps it’s time to regain that sense and reclaim responsibility for our knowing.”  

Finally, it should be noted Sheliak made no final claim as to the validity of the TimeWave as it was expressed by Novelty, nor did he claim the TimeWave was the best indicator of the Novelty process.  In a typical scientist manner, he noted that the correct mathematics did produce a TimeWave which appeared to be consistent with known historical events, but that more work needed to be done “to examine the specific reflections or projections that the TimeWave may be revealing.  If Novelty Theory is a valid hypothesis, reflecting a real phenomenon in nature, then one would expect that it is verifiable in specific ways.”  

It’s a rational and entirely scientific point of view, and one that should be taken seriously.  Unless, of course, one takes the long view of 2012 A.D., and simply assumes that by that time, it won’t make any difference anyhow!


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