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Updated June 1, 2003

Chapter 14:

Scott watched the woman, who claimed to be a psychic, as her eyes rolled up and then closed.  She took a long deep breath and held it.  After a brief silence, the woman began to speak in a deep voice: “My name is Pue-ton.  I am channeling through this woman to bring you enlightenment.  You have a question?”

Scott swallowed slightly before he spoke.  “There have been predictions of world wide catastrophes.  Are these predictions true?”

“Yes.  The problem is negativity.  Negative thoughts will weigh heavily on the continents. As your scientists are aware, the earth’s surface is covered with tectonic plates.  These plates are mirrors of all the energy patterns that occur above them.  Furthermore, these energy patterns are cumulative of all the civilizations that have lived on a particular plate.  The effects on the North American plate, for example, includes the thought patterns of the first peoples who crossed the Bering Strait to North America, the civilization of Atlantis (which was located off the southeast coast of the United States), Central American civilizations, early Indian cultures, and emigrants from other parts of the world from the Mayflower to the present day.

“At the same time, the negativity of individual thought patterns can combine with other individual thought patterns to cause a physical imbalance within the molecular structure of the ionosphere, resulting in mass density depletion.  This depletion has been occurring since the beginning of man’s time on earth and is now becoming critical.

"The ionosphere is, in essence, earth’s aura.  As the aura is weakened, greater amounts of outer space pressure can be exerted on the earth’s surface, drastically increasing the gravitational pull of the earth.  The atmosphere’s added tension combined with the weight of the accumulating negative energies on each of the tectonic plates will eventually result in the gravitational pull inward to the earth’s core increasing to the point that the outer crust of the earth will buckle, causing an implosion.”

Scott was amazed.  This was really incredible!  “Can we expect massive land shifts?”

“Yes.  First there will be lesser disturbances and eruptions occurring before the more catastrophic earth changes, especially in the latitudes between 27o North and 38o North.”

“Does that include Seattle, where we are?”


Scott’s relief was obvious.  “That’s comforting.”

“We of the galaxy of Andromeda have spent many of your years in traveling here to witness the coming earth changes.”

Scott looked shocked.  “Andromeda?”

“Yes.  We are extraterrestrials.”

“But the galaxy of Andromeda is so far!”

“The distance that light would take to travel in two million years.  Approximately six billion billion miles.”

“Couldn’t you have found an event equally exiting in your own neighborhood?

The above is adapted from actual remarks by several people who claim to have received information from unique energy sources and who are now attempting to “warn” the earth’s populace.  These individuals claim access to massive amounts  of information and are prone to liberally dispense their advice.  Such enthusiasm and earnest desires are not that new.  (Doomsday warnings are, of course, old hat as well, but we will wait until chapter XV to discuss the possibilities of catastrophes.)

It is worth noting that nothing in the above “conversation” is considered frivolous or incredible by the psychics and/or channels that gave the information.  The channels themselves and their supporters believe the above aspects of negativity, ionosphere changes, and the like, are quite real and that worldwide changes are quite plausible.  Even the reference to visitors from Andromeda is taken from writings of people who firmly believe this assertion to be true.  In other words, the author has not taken “dramatic license” with the above basic assertions.  These predictions are considered by some to be absolutely serious.

Prophets, et al.

History is chock full of prophets, seers, sages, and others who obtain their knowledge and understanding from parts unknown.  Are there prophets today, vainly trying to point out the obvious?  Of course.  But considering the advice of an old Turkish proverb (“He who tells the truth should have one foot in the stirrup.”), it may be that the modern day versions are attempting to show slightly more sophistication in what they call themselves and the manner in which they supposedly gather and disseminate their profound philosophies.

Much of our present-day understanding of reincarnation and related psychic phenomena derives from the near-death and birth experiences, past-life and “between-life” regressions, and the experimental and statistical analysis of numerous case studies.  The vast majority of these methods have relied on hypnosis and/or intentionally induced, altered states of consciousness in the selected subjects.  The reports from these altered states have in most cases, verified or substantiated ancient and near-ancient historical teachings.  This should not be too surprising in view of the fact the ancients were apparently very much involved in inducing altered states of consciousness of their own by the use of drugs and other means.

The use of hypnosis and altered states has unquestionably allowed us to peek into a variety of universal cubby holes.  We have been able to ask a variety of questions and receive answers.  While most of the information gathered in this manner has been consistent, there have also been significant differences, such that the method employed to gather the information becomes more and more important.

In previous chapters, we noted the possibility of beings who had departed their physical bodies, possessing a living being.  In some cases, this possession was without the permission of the still-living being, and in some cases, the living entity purposefully allowed the temporary use of its body.  The first case is, of course, possession, while the second is mediumship.  In both cases, it was possible to communicate with recently departed souls.  And with the potential reality of telepathy and the incredible resources of the human mind, communications with the other side seem quite likely.

The knowledge gained through mediums and possessed persons is, of course, very informative.  On both cases, however, we are dealing with earthbound spirits.  It seems reasonable to believe the trustworthiness of their information might be suspect.  For if these entities are confused about death, unaware of the light, and in general making a nuisance of themselves, there is little reason to accept their apparently unenlightened opinions about anything.  Of course, we have already determined to ignore the opinions of demons, no matter how energetically such opinions are propounded.  Why should we make a bigger fuss about hearing from our deceased Uncle Harry, who was bound and determined to never leave home?

What is needed instead is a living being who can act as the equivalent of a medium, but with the guest entity being from the “higher planes of existence.”  Our information will obviously be a bit more accurate if we have an entity who is now “living in the light” and can in fact see what is going on.

The good news is there are now -- supposedly -- living beings who are able to provide the critical communications link and allow their fellow living beings to talk with entities from the light.  (The bad news will be discussed shortly).  These living communication links are called “channels”.


Channels obtain their information in a very interesting way.  The channel allows an entity or entities (but usually one at a time) to use their physical form in order to communicate their information to the physical world.  A channel is distinguished from a medium by the fact the entity or entities providing the information are “living in the light” and are therefore, not earthbound.  Theoretically the entities communicating through the physical being of a living person have access to a vast amount of correct and profound information and are eager to help out the poor wandering souls still attached to the earth.  It is also important to note that, at least in theory, a channel is merely “channeling” information (passing it on) and is not relying on its own knowledge or understanding.  This is, however, not always the case.

The means by which information is channeled shows up in a variety of ways.  Usually the discarnate entity simply talks using the physical abilities of the channel, but some channels limit their output to written or typed messages.  Other channels may only see visualizations provided by the entities and at a later time commit the perceived information to canvas or paper.

Those channels using the spoken word often converse directly with those around them.  Others merely expound at great length.  Virtually all use audio or video tapes to keep a record of their conversations (not to mention selling them for fun and profit), or write books on their possibly enlightened views of life.

Types of Channeling

There are two basic types of channeling which deserve to be clearly delineated.  These two types are “trance channeling” and “thought plane transfer.”  The distinguishing characteristic of a trance channeler is that the individual typically does not remember what was said while the channeling entity was “in” the physical body.  The channeler may be asleep, unconscious, or has left its body for parts unknown.  The trance channeler, while channeling, will usually do so with very different facial expressions, tones of voice, and/or other personality characteristics.

In distinct contrast to trance channelers, thought plane transfer (TBT) channelers remain conscious during those times when the information is being channeled, although they may be in an altered state.  These TBT channelers usually write books in lieu of public demonstrations of their channeling technique, but several noteworthy TBT channelers utilize a variety of means to get their message across.

The distinction between trance and TBT channelers may be important.  If the trance channeler is unconscious and unaware of what information is being disseminated, it would seem less likely that the channeler’s own ego and philosophical point of view would interfere in the transmittal of information.  Thus the trance channeler might be considered to be more “accurate” than the TBT channeler.  But don’t count too heavily on this distinction.

Edgar Cayce

In the world of ESP, channels, clairvoyants, and psychics, the one name that stands above the rest is Edgar Cayce, easily considered to have been the modern world’s most important clairvoyant or channel.  Mr. Cayce slept through his channeling sessions (thus earning him the title of “The Sleeping Prophet”), and over a period of forty years, provided 14,246 “Life Readings”.  Such output represents a feat of amazing dedication considering the fact that upon awakening from his sleep or trance, Mr. Cayce had no conscious recall of anything he had said.

Cayce’s credibility derives from several sources.  For one thing, he never accepted monetary rewards other than those necessary for his modest family needs.  Secondly, his trance channeling method is considered more reliable, particularly because the views that he expounded as a channeler often contradicted his own firmly held, fundamentalist Christian beliefs.  While Cayce in his readings never detracted from the biblical Jesus, he did add much to the dimensional concepts of Jesus, such that the fully conscious Cayce must have wondered about his sources.

In the vast majority of Life Readings given by Cayce, his source of information was ostensibly the Akashic Records.  The Akashic Records, according to seers and others familiar with their alleged existence, are the indelible impressions on the fabric of the universe of everything that has ever happened.  A channel may refer to this cosmic memory as a vast, non-molecular library, complete with a full understanding of each and every event in the universal record.  In this respect, the Akashic Records may be likened to Carl Jung’s Collective Unconscious, or Rupert Sheldrake’s Morphogenetic Fields.  In all cases, these collection of all memories, not only exist, but are accessible by anyone capable of properly tuning their mind-receiver.  (These records may also be available even though one is not consciously aware that they are tuning in!)

Cayce’s normal mode was to simply visit the Akashic Records, as if going to the local library.  In this way, he could answer virtually any question that might be posed to him.  At the same time, there were occasions when Cayce was apparently not speaking in the first person, but was in fact channeling another entity.  While Cayce never attempted this feat of performing as a channel or medium, there were apparently occasions when other entities did spontaneously speak through him.  One notable example was John of the Revelation.

Edgar Cayce simply cannot be dismissed out of hand.  There is simply too much credibility to justify a wholesale rejection.  On the other hand, there is no a priori reason to accept all of his readings at their face value.  For example, Cayce’s references in his readings to Atlantis, the Pyramid of Giza, and the Land of Mu (among other things) may indeed justify the possibility of legitimate criticism.  Thus, while three fourths of Cayce’s work may be correct, the remaining fourth may be simply misinterpreted or just plain wrong.  The sheer bulk of data from Edgar Cayce should not be construed as evidence for its accuracy in all readings.

Other Celebrity Channels

Another trance channeler is Ms. Taryn Krive, a former legal secretary, who channels Bell Bell, a giggly six-year old from Atlantis, Barking Tree, a Hopi Indian spirit, and Aeffra, a man who once lived in Eastern Europe.  (Yes, a channeler can channel more than one entity.)  Other channelers include Darryl Anka, a 40-year-old entrepreneur, who channels Bashar, an extraterrestrial from a planet 500 light years away (who among other things is obviously quick-witted); David Swetland, who channels Matea, a 35,000-year-old six-foot-eight-inch black female spice trader; and Diana Hoerig, who channels Merlin of Camelot.  No kidding.

TBT channelers appear to be in even greater abundance than trance channelers.  This may be due to the fact that anyone who is “inspired” may consider themselves a TBT channeler.  There are several TBTers, however, who are well known in their own right.  These include such personalities as Ruth Montgomery and Norma Green, both of whom have written several books.

Often the entities being channeled become more famous than the channelers themselves.  Some of the better known channeled entities include Ramtha, Seth, Lazarus (pronounced La-czar-us), Raphael, Bartholomew, Mentor, Menos, James, etc.  The lesser known channeled entities include Tom, Dick, and Harry.  There are apparently hundreds if not thousands of channels currently plying their trade; the country now has probably more “channels” than TV stations.  There are even channels who are attempting to acquire the blueprints for an electronic device to communicate with the other side without the use of channels!

A Boerne, Texas housewife named Ester Hicks channels a group of entities known as Abraham.  "Abraham" -- apparently unrelated to the biblical patriarch -- has shown a remarkable tendency to provide both highly personal and inclusive advice for Ester's many followers.  It is exceptional channelers of this character that give channeling a good name.  Even when the advice sometimes finds its way into sermons, and leaves a few puzzled people searching through their bibles and wondering if in fact Abraham really said that

Consistency of Channeled Information

There is certainly some consistency in the teachings from different channels.  However, most teachings boil down to emphasizing the capability of anyone to love themselves, direct their own lives, and to ultimately assume total responsibility for all of their actions.  While such “teachings” might be excellent advice, their consistency does not necessarily add to their credibility.

While the teachings of various channels may be consistent, there is, however, no assurance what they are saying is correct.  The consistency may imply nothing more than the fact that channels tend to say what other channels have already said.  Presumably they occasionally read each other’s work, and certainly they have access to the same wise sayings of ancient channels.  But the statistical correlations of past life regressions, which gave the method more credibility, are apparently not available for channels.  At the same time, what the channels are saying is often of such an esoteric nature that there is no way of checking the information.

In many respects, different channels, particularly those who have published books and provided video tapes, are like different prophets.  They all have very individual characteristics, propound very specific philosophies, and describe varying paths with which to reach the light.  Yet all of these modern-day prophets have essentially the same messages, the same basic view of the universe, and describe the same basic wisdom to their respective followers.  Jesus Christ said, “In my Father’s house, there are many mansions.”  Apparently there are also many paths a soul may travel in order to reach those mansions.

One notable channeled book is The Course in Miracles.  This book and its teachings have acquired a following not unlike the Bible -- although obviously in far fewer numbers.  Study groups throughout the country are now diligently and religiously pouring through The Course, and attempting to live day-to-day with its daily teachings.  The Course in Miracles goes on to note that “the course” is mandatory/required (a prerequisite of some kind?), but that when it is taken, is left to the individual.  This hint of egotistical arrogance is not its best reference -- particularly since it tends to teach against unbridled egotism.

Unfortunately, more than one channeled book has claimed to be absolutely essential to enlightenment.  That in itself, should make you pause and wonder about their credibility. 


Another tactic of channelers used to obtain greater credibility has been to claim a very credible source.  These sources have included every saint, prophet, great thinker and philosopher, including Jesus Christ and God.  The implication is that if one of the truly enlightened ones said it, it must be true.  Neale Donald Walsh's series of books entitled Conversations with God is a case in point.

Of course, at last count, there have been at least six different channels speaking for Jesus Christ and two for God.  Inasmuch as they are in many respects telling us significantly different things, it is important not to assume that any teaching is true because of its alleged source, its claim to be essential for enlightenment, or the fact that it is channeled.

We might also crudely note that when someone goes into the “channeling business” (a profession that has become highly lucrative for several famed channels), they tend to look for an entity to channel who has the “clout” to make things believable.  The selection of Jesus Christ might be challenged on the basis of Christ’s own disclaimers:

“And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.  For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.”  (Matthew 24: 4-5)

“Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not.  For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” (Matthew 24: 23-24)

Changing Personalities

The transfer of bodily control from a trance channel to an incoming entity is of particular interest.  For purposes of discussion we can briefly describe the transformation when Ms. J. Z. Knight becomes “Ramtha, the Enlightened One”.

Sitting in a comfortable chair, Ms. Knight goes into what could be an altered state of consciousness, her eyes closed and her breathing regular.  Then as the breathing becomes heavier and indicates a few apparent discontinuities, the body’s stance changes slightly, the eyes open and Ramtha "arrives".  The whole process is accomplished in less than a minute, and is in itself rather dramatic.  Subsequently, Ramtha moves about the room like a man who is accustomed to command, constantly stroking “his” imaginary beard, and speaking with a low and comforting voice.

This transfer of personalities is also very like the changes of personality of someone with multiple personalities.  Because of this similarity, it is worth describing what psychologists call multiple personality disorder (MPD).

Multiple Personalities

Multiple Personalities is a condition where an alter personality periodically assumes the control of a physical body in lieu of control by what might be considered the prime personality.  The switch is often sudden, sometimes dramatic, and invariably involves substantial changes in voice pitch, body stance, and overall outward appearance.

Major physiological changes may occur.  A particularly striking example is a wound, suffered when a specific alter personality was in control of the body, suddenly reappearing when that same alter personality again takes over control, and then fading away when the alter personality relinquishes control.  The overall effect in the change is the sudden realization by an observer that the person now appears to be a totally different person.

Alter personalities can be of different sex, widely different ages, usually do not age, and can be very different in temperament, strength, viewpoint, and maturity.  Usually the alter personalities are aware of the other personalities, and may in many cases have very definite feelings of likes and dislikes toward the other personalities.

Unlike the alter personalities, the prime personality is often amnesiac and can suffer from a complete lack of knowledge of the alter personalities.  Often the only symptom of which the prime personality is aware is the unexplainable losses or blanks of time  --during those times when an alter personality surreptitiously assumes control of the body.  Many Multiple Personalities are now aware of their alter personalities, but usually only through therapists and others informing them of the fact.  The news is often traumatic in itself.

Multiple Personalites are invariably the result of severe child abuse.  It is believed that critical to the formation of a multiple personality is the total lack of control that the child senses concerning its own safety and well being, and the utter lack of predictability of the abusing adult (usually a parent).  Current evidence suggests that both the lack of control and lack of predictability are essential in order for an individual to develop a multiple personality.

A common characteristic is the presence of what is apparently extrasensory powers.  An multiple personality often displays telepathic powers or very highly developed intuition.  From the viewpoint of the cause of multiple personalities, such extrasensory abilities may be more of a defense reaction than a disorder.  If a child, for example, is unsure of a beckoning parent’s intentions as to whether that child will be hugged or hurt, the child’s mind (not knowing of society’s bias against accepting telepathy as real) might develop extrasensory powers purely in order to survive. 

In this regard, some researchers have suggested that "individuals" with multiple personalities may more likely be an advanced species than a mental problem.  This rather radical concept has some merit.  While it is unmistakably true that child abuse is a serious and traumatic event in one’s life, it is also true that once the trauma of child abuse has been dealt with, the multiple personality may in fact have some distinct advantages over the more common single personality.  If one believes in the advantages of teamwork, clearly a multiple personality who has its act together could be a formidable force.

Most psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists find the idea of healthy multiples to be a contradiction in terms.  This inability of “learned professionals” to consider the possibility of mentally healthy people with a number of personalities other than one, strikes many people as rather ironic -- we certainly know of many psychiatrists and the like who have zero personalities, so why not other numbers other than one?

But I digress.  For the present discussion, let us consider the possibility of channels being nothing more than reasonably-healthy, multiple personalities.

Channels vs. Multiples

Channels and multiples display several characteristics in common.  The switching of personalities is one.  Another is the diversity of the personality traits, whether or not the “second” personality is another entity or simple an alter personality.  Channels often have entities purportedly from different eras and widely different cultures, while multiples have a wide diversity but usually within components of the prime personality's various stages of maturity.  The question of the sex of the alter personalities or entities is virtually irrelevant.  Some cases have been observed where an multiple has “invited” other entities; such that in addition to having alter personalities, the person now has attached entities as well.  Such situations further complicate the lack of distinction between channels and multiples.

One characteristic of a channel which is usually sufficient to WOW the crowd is the ability to provide information of which only the audience is aware.  There is the sense that if the channel knows a hidden secret you wouldn’t have told your grandmother, then that channel, supposedly, must have access to some very powerful sources of information.  However, a channel with substantial telepathic or intuitive powers would also have access to such “inside” information.  The fact some of the information is contained in the subconscious of the audience would make little or no difference.  With occasional demonstrations of such telepathic or intuitive powers by multiple personalities, the distinction between channels and multiples is further eroded.

Child abuse, the apparent cause of multiple personalities, is now believed to be much more prevalent than previously thought.  Some researchers estimate that as many as one in three women are abused as a child (usually sexually).  Men apparently suffer less incidents, but nonetheless account for as many as one in seven.  Obviously there is a large population from which to draw in our recruitment of people who can be multiples or channels.

It is probably essential that a person capable of channeling be reasonably stable in mental matters.  If a channel is an multiple, then it seems likely they have somehow managed to deal with their childhood trauma (a not insignificant feat), and have managed to integrate any alter personalities into a team whose primary interests are on behalf of the integrated multiple.  As this integration is difficult at best, it would allow for the substantial differences in numbers of channels and “healthy multiples.”

When asked if they were a multiple, one channel quickly responded with “no.”  However, psychologists who are experienced with multiples have found them to be extremely sophisticated and clever in avoiding the vast majority of psychological tricks used by professionals in their quest to learn what is happening inside the multiple’s mind.  The chances of a multiple admitting to being a multiple are very slim.

But the same channel who disclaimed being a multiple, also displayed a strong correlation between what her channeling entities knew and what she knew.  In other words, if the channel was unaware of some technical terminology in what was being transmitted, her “entities” were similarly disadvantaged.  The entities seemed entirely incapable of providing any more information than the channel was capable of providing out of her own imagination and experience.  This lack places some rather severe restrictions on what this particular channel could hope to convey or the value of this information to others.

An inherent assumption by many proponents in listening to a channel is that the channel is somehow tapping into sources of information which are valuable.  In many cases, the assumption is that the channel has access to the Akashic Records.  However, if an alter personality of an multiple has telepathic powers and thus has access to altered states, it may be that the alter personality also has access to the Akashic Records.  Effectively, the alter personality may have information of equal value to that of the channeling entity (assuming, of course, that either personality’s information is of any value).  In this case, from a purely practical viewpoint, it may not make any difference if the individual is a channel or a multiple personality.

There is one potentially critical distinction between multiples, channels, and people with attached entities.  Alter personalities are created by a multiple as needed and, as a consequence, seldom have a history.  The alter personality may have been “around” for a long time, but they will have no history of being born or any memory of events prior to their creation.  Channeling entities and attached entities will often have full histories (including rank, serial number, date of birth, etc).  It is worth noting, however, that many channeling entities do not provide any details of their prior history which could be substantiated.  When in doubt as to whether an entity is a multiple’s alter personality or an attached or channeling entity, ask for a history.  To then distinguish between attached and channeling entities, ask the entity if they are from the Light.  Channeling entities will say “yes,” while the attached entity will more than likely describe only his history.

Real or Imaginary?

Are channels a figment of their own imagination?  The very definitive answer is:  Not necessarily.  There is certainly some evidence supporting the existence of channels, which is not so easily explained.  There is also a strong case for many channels being multiples in disguise -- even to the point of the channel not knowing the difference.  But there is also other evidence that tends to discount the value of channeling still further. 

For one thing, relying on an altered state of consciousness for receiving accurate information from the other side is fraught with peril.  Inside a trance-like state, the fine line between imagination and enlightenment is often blurred and very nearly indistinct.  Recall, for example, that entities channeling from the other side, often literally do not know what time it is.  As viewed by one hydraulic engineer, “Information from a channel that doesn’t hold water is worthless.”  There has been more than one episode of a channel bringing through technical information on which investors relied to build everything from a flying saucer to a radically new and much more efficient solar energy system.  All such episodes have ended as technical failures, i.e. the information either was insufficiently technically accurate, or just plain garbage.

The process whereby channelers receive their information is also of note.  In one case, when asked how he got back after a channeling entity had left his physical body, the channeler said, “The same way I leave.  I feel like I’m going through a paper-towel tube.  It’s like w-o-o-s-h and then pop!  And I’m back.” 

This description may ring a few bells.  It sounds much like the near-death experience.  Margot Gray has noted the connection between the biological processes attending death and the ones necessary to reach higher state of consciousness.  Essentially the life force is withdrawn from bodily sensations.  It can be deliberately induced by centering inwardly away from the sensory world, in effect simulating a death-like state, and thus experience union with the Christ Consciousness.

Instead of thinking of the “tunnel experience” as a near-death characteristic, it may be more appropriate to think of it as an out-of-body aspect.  If, for example, a trance channeler leaves the body to make room for another entity, it is reasonable to assume they might do so by shifting into an out-of-body state.  This possible correlation between trance channels and many of the other aspects of reincarnation-related phenomenon should not be dismissed lightly.

What Difference Does It Make?

Channels themselves, along with proponents of the concept, have expressed their own reservations about channeling.  One well known channel, Norma Green, has noted that some sources are better than others.  Ms. Green also suggests one always ask channels which level they are from -- ostensibly the higher the level, the better the information.

This idea may be very important in that channeling entities appear to be limited in their “enlightened views” by their own past-life experiences, egos, and stage of evolution of their own souls.  Candy Tsuchiya, a metaphysical bookstore owner, believes that channels are for real, but she has reservations about the integrity of many of the channeling entities, noting that good motives are not necessarily a consequence of the channeled entity being from the astral-plane.  Ms. Tsuchiya suggests some channeling entities may be on their very own ego trip, deliberately passing along incorrect or faulty information for reasons entirely their own.  She has even expressed concern that after gaining a channel’s confidence with a correct prediction or two, the channeling entity may take over the channel physically and spiritually.   Ms. Tsuchiya’s concerns would appear to be well founded.

The principle danger in any philosophy is to place too much credence on the prophet.  The value of a philosophy should be in the inherent value of its principles in directing one’s life, and not in the charisma or popularity of its soothsayer.  Richard Alpert, a one time Harvard psychology professor and who has since become renowned as the New Age star and lecturer, Ram Dass, has expressed such reservations about channeling.  In his introduction to Pat Rodegast’s channeled book, Emmanuel’s Book, Ram Dass writes:

“I have been asked again and again... whether I really believe that Emmanuel is a separate being from Pat or whether he is another part of Pat’s personality with which she does not consciously identify.... From my point of view as a psychologist, I allow for the theoretical possibility that Emmanuel is a deeper part of Pat.  In the final analysis, what difference does it really make?  What I treasure is the wisdom Emmanuel conveys....”

So what are we to make of channeled information?  Are these people claiming to be channels real?  This possibility cannot just simply be dismissed.  Channels may still have some good answers.  Any out-right denunciation of all channels is likely to be pure folly, but the idea the majority of so-called channels are deluding people (and perhaps themselves as well), is probably a pretty good bet.  As one pundit put it, “Channels may have access to all the answers; but it seems unlikely they will always be able to connect them with the right questions.”

Perhaps the wiser course is to take Clyde Reid’s advice to always test channeled information.  Perhaps the very reason for having channels is to remind us that we must always question.  Everything.  In detail, and not let the idea that 80% of the stuff being right necessarily imply that the other 20% is also true.  The same argument can probably also apply to psychics and anyone who claims to find truth in an altered state or otherwise.


A “Walk-in” is a person who has taken over the body of a living being on a permanent basis.  Supposedly the original resident of the body has gone off to do other and possibly more interesting things and has no expectations of ever returning to that body.  Walk-in’s thus provide for a whole new realm of strange and very mysterious beings wandering about the earth.  According to Ruth Montgomery, “A Walk-in is a high minded entity who is permitted to take over the body of another human being who wishes to depart.”  In Ms. Montgomery’s book, Strangers Among Us, we learn of a vast menagerie of souls who have supposedly “walked-in” and taken over the use of another’s physical body. 

Ostensibly, “the motivation for a Walk-in is humanitarian.  He returns to physical being in order to help others help themselves, planting seed-concepts that will grow and flourish for the benefit of mankind.”  Such generosity, as advocated by Ruth Montgomery, can hardly be questioned.  Surely, Walk-ins can be considered by many to be quite a bit more knowledgeable than the average soul arriving by more conventional means, if only because the Walk-in has the decided advantage (at least, in most cases) of not having to go through adolescence again.  The avoidance of the teenage years has got to be a blessing which can only bode for the best.

The question of whether Walk-ins are in fact more knowledgeable and possess a greater understanding of the big picture, is, like channeling entities, dependent upon the individual Walk-in.  One can even consider the question of whether or not one should even bother with the concept.  Clearly, if someone has something worthwhile to say, their status as a Walk-in should not be the controlling factor as to the value of their sayings.  Frankly, there does not appear at first blush a good reason to have Walk-ins in the first place, but the claims persists.

Unfortunately, much of the evidence of such an irreversible changing of the guard involves nothing more than sudden and very distinctive personality changes in an individual.  Such changes are supposedly substantially greater, for example, than that observed during menopause, or other such traumatic times in the life of an individual such that we can hopefully disregard these possibilities.  However, the question of whether or not a dramatic personality change indicates a switching of souls is still questionable (despite the fact that a change could be an improvement in some cases).

Adding further confusion is the fact, as Ruth Montgomery points out, “You yourself may be a Walk-in!  Since the memory pattern of the departing entity survives intact, Walk-ins are sometimes unaware of their altered status for several years after the substitution as been effected.” 

Is she kidding us?  Why be a high minded and “enlightened” Walk-in, if you don’t know it?  Wouldn’t that tend to negate the whole point?  Is, perhaps, the whole concept beginning to show a few cracks in its foundation?

There is another, perhaps more devastating, problem.  What is the difference between a soul deciding to sublet his body, and simply checking out?  What distinguishes a suicide and a “Walk-out?”  Apparently the only difference between suicide and walking-out, according to Ms. Montgomery, is that for the Walk-out, the physical body, the “flame of life,” is not “quenched.”  This idea also has some problems.

Recall, for example, that in the near-death experiences, there is a consistent reference by those experiencing the phenomenon to their having little regard for the physical body they have left behind them.  In effect, their physical body or “spacesuit” is of little concern .  Arguments against suicide suggest it is not the physical body that is of value, but the fact that a refusal to face your problems this time around will mean that you get to face them again in the next life -- after a possible detour for retribution purposes for failing the first time.  Walk-outs continue to sound suspiciously like suicides, although there may be other justification for walking-out, other than having problems.  One could, for example, have finished with the business of this life successfully and now feel the need to incarnate in another body for the next life-project.


The predictions made by channels, clairvoyants, psychics, and others in recent years are sufficient to give anyone concern for the future.  We might be able to laugh at the bearded fellow on the street carrying the sign, “The End of the World is at Hand”, but the consistency of many of the more recent prophets of doom must make us at least pause for a moment.  Many of the more noteworthy of the predicted catastrophes from channels and the like, are discussed in detail in Chapter XV, but for now, we might question the apparent need to rely on these rather strange people for foreseeing our future.  Is there no other way to predict what will happen, what our health and fortunes will be?  Must we always confine ourselves to listening intently to the rather imprecise ramblings of some would-be  prophet?

The good news is:  Yes, Virginia, there is another way.   And the name of this means to an end (pardon the pun) is meditation.

Meditation, as defined in our handy dictionary, implies the dwelling in thought on some feeling, idea, or object.  Here the mind may be gathered and focused, or diffused, discursive and merely revolving around an object.  Instead of the brain looking for new problems to solve, it becomes quiet and motionless.  Meditation is often an attempt to achieve a mind steady and free from fluctuation.  Contemplation might be a better word, since in its original Greek sense it meant the steady viewing (without a flicker) of a single object like a candle’s flame.

This narrower view of meditation can be thought of as a way of achieving a self-controlled, altered state of consciousness, without the use of hypnosis or drugs.  This meditative state is nothing more than a dream-like condition, where alpha waves predominate, but where the subject in not asleep or unconscious.

Reasons for Meditation

Most people associate meditation with eastern religions and such things as Yoga.  Certainly meditation is the very heart of Yoga practice (particularly Raja Yoga), but meditation does not require any specific beliefs or dogmas.  Virtually all that is required is a faith in one’s own self, an expectation of truth, and a sincere desire to find both self and truth through the process.

The proponents of meditation claim that the practice offers substantial benefits, particularly as part of one’s daily life.  The endless distractions and restlessness of society, constantly draw people away from simply knowing and understanding themselves.  Meditation opens the door to subtle perceptions, which can change both convictions and character.  It can calm emotions, strengthen nerves, heal tensions, and help a person attain a greater self-mastery of themselves.  Day-to-day repetitions seem to nourish their practitioners by making them healthier, stronger, and happier.

In many respects meditation can give us the power to view life and its activities in perspective and with enough detachment to allow us to judge things in their proper dimensions and true character.  Meditation can theoretically give poise and clarity of vision.  [Gee, sounds a little bit like prayer without the plea for greater prosperity.]

The purpose of meditation for many of its proponents is to discover the Truth of our Self, in Yogic parlance, samadhi.  The spiritual greatness of a soul is supposedly revealed through meditation.  When we speak of individuals being reduced to some sort of “thing” or “object”, of becoming estranged from their own self by the pressures of an industrial and exploitative society, we may be stating the best need for meditation.

Higher Self

Meditation is also considered the supreme method of learning about the Self (that “Higher Self” or “Oversoul” we all supposedly have within our reach).  The Higher Self is theoretically that portion of your soul or spirit still residing in the space between lives -- that aspect that knows of the divine plans and destinies, and attempts to guide you such that the incarnated portion of yourself gains the most from the experiences encountered on earth.  The Higher Self is also that entity that could provide each of us with guidance and comfort.

So why does it seem that your Higher Self is off vacationing in some heavenly equivalent to Hawaii?  Don’t worry about that.  According to reincarnationists of the spiritual persuasion, time and space mean nothing on the other side, and thus your Higher Self is always available.  Maybe just not quite available at your beck and call.

The description of a Higher Self tends to vary, depending upon whom you ask.  But most would agree with the basics of the following description given by Jacqueline Damgaard (writing in Consciousness and Survival, her paper on “The Inner Self Helper: Transcendent Life Within Life?”).  Dr. Damgaard’s remarks are directed to a discussion of multiple personalities, and are not necessarily an indication that the ISH (Dr. Damgaard’s “Inner Self Helper”) is viewed by her as one’s Higher Self.  But the description is nevertheless very much to the point:

“There is no date of origin or formation (‘I have always been with her’).  The ISH is not created to handle a patient’s unexpressed anger or other feelings from a violent trauma.  The ISH is present from birth as a separate ego state.  There is no capacity for hate.  The ISH feels only love and good will.  The ISH expresses both awareness and belief in God and may also believe in the Devil.  The ISH serves as a conduit for God’s healing power and love.  The ISH sometimes calls on a higher power for help.  It never expresses a desire to lead a separate life -- rather it wants to become one with the others.  The ISH knows that the condition of multiplicity exists, and understands the patient’s entire past history, which is available for easy recall.  The ISH can usually predict future actions with great accuracy.  The ISH has no conception of gender, referring to the self equally as male or female.  Other than love and goodwill, the ISH lacks emotions, seeming to be pure intellect.  The ISH answers questions and communicates in the manner of a computer repeating programmed information, and expects to be a working partner with the therapist and can see the therapists errors and help correct them.  Often the ISH believes in reincarnation and often speaks of being next to God and consequently difficult to summon directly.  The ISH is usually not known by the presenting personality.  It can often be suppressed by the other ego states, and comes through usually by request of the therapist, unless an emergency is occurring -- then the ISH will influence another ego state to call the therapist.  Finally the ISH is able to bring memories through to the different ego states, as those are ready to process them.”

And you thought you had no one to talk to when you meditate!

Hopefully, it is clear the presence of an ISH may not be limited to individuals with multiple personalities.  If, in fact, the above description of an ISH is equivalent to that of a Higher Self, then the effort to meditate and make contact may be a very beneficial activity.  One assumes you can always ignore their advice --  with all your practice at ignoring your parents’ advice, you should be accomplished at that by now. 

All kidding aside, there is no reason to believe you would not continue to exercise free will.  Consequently, it might be time to contact your Higher Self, or at least make the attempt, sort of “reach out and touch your Higher Self”.  Such communications could eliminate the need for channels and prophets of doom (surely a worthwhile goal), provide guidance and direction in your own life (someone has to tell you where to go), and perhaps allow you to foresee and understand the implications of our joint future, whatever that may be.

With respect to reincarnation, life after physical death, and all of the things about which we’ve talked thus far, the concept of a Higher Self, seems to be extremely important.  Sufficiently important, in fact, that you might want to reread Dr. Damgaard’s description of the ISH.  During this review, you might also want to consider not only the idea that her description accurately describes the Higher Self and that a Higher Self exists for each and everyone of us, but also consider how that description of a Higher Self ties in with our emerging theory of reincarnation.  You may find it a useful exercise.


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