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Halexandria Foundation
Sacred Mathematics
Connective Physics
Chronicles of Earth
Justice, Order, and Law
Extraterrestrial Life
Creating Reality
Tree of Life


Poetry which is specifically linked from other webpages in this website include:

Love is Not a Zero-Sum Game

The Beautiful Mind

Food of the Gods


That poetry which relates to Creating Reality and/or Illusions include:

What Is My Name?


Replication of Results


Then there is, of course, Romantic Love, something of a journey unto itself:

So Long


A Vision of Beauty

Wandering in an Imaginative Forest

Wherein Lies the Dream

Romantic Love

Fantasy Lady

A single poem about Numbers:


Two not belonging to a category:

Descent from Weary

Shifting Dimensions

And finally:

End of a World Age

This comparatively long epic poem is also Chapter 13 and the centerpiece of the novel, A Glancing Blow.  It is based on the events of the 15th century B.C.E., and even includes a few refrains from the literature of that era.



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