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Updated -- 1 November 2006

If there is any validity to the theory of Conspiracies, it must almost certainly be the pharmaceutical companies (and their co-conspirators) who pursue with such enthusiasm their legally-based, drug pushing agendas.  It is, if you want to know where the true denizens of deception reside, the supreme example of “follow the money”.  The Drug companies, aided and abetted by such Medical Organizations as the American Medical Association (an organization of medical doctors whose primary aim is to ensure the financial well being of medical doctors), the specter of Medical Research Conflicts of Interest, along with purchased government administrators and politicians (via Corporate Politics and the Politics of Health), and an equally corrupt Media, have probably caused more pain, suffering and death than a dozen Inquisitions, Holy Wars, or terrorist groups.  

Is that a bit too strong, you think?  Like, is taking aspirin for a headache really evil?  And what about the up and coming muscle pills, which tone muscles without the bother of exercise?  Or Viagra, for heaven’s sake!  Where’s the harm in that?  In fact, let’s hear it for Viagra!  Give me a “V”; give me an “I”...  

But... then there’s the question of price!  Aspirin is, admittedly, cheap.  Most all other drugs aren’t.  One might wonder if some of the more expensive drugs are worth it.  (In fact, Viagra is now being used in nursing homes to keep the male patients from rolling out of bed at night.  Is this really the best use of resources?)  

Like most things in existence, a moderately good idea can be so misused as to obviate the potential good.  Worse yet, it can be forced upon people, while more effective (but less costly remedies) are discouraged or outlawed.  Aye, there’s the rub.  It’s not the effective-ness of drugs that’s the primary issue, but quite possibly the corrupt and unfair advantage of pharmaceutical drug companies’ products over alternative methods, the latter which are far cheaper, much more accessible, have the benefits of being natural, often more effective, and produce results with far fewer negative side effects.  

[Negative side effects are a very serious issue.  Even Viagra has its drawbacks: side effects of headache, flushing, upset stomach, stuffy nose, diarrhea, blurred vision, change in blue or green vision, or increased light sensitivity.  Even prolonged abnormal, painful erections!  See what some men are doing for the women?  Wow!  What a great bunch of guys!]  

One alternative practitioner, Jeff Gordon < jeff.gordon@wellnow.com>, has a shingle which blatantly reads:  “Well Now Health Information Services have no fees, but they're not ‘free’.  We ask that each pay according to the value of what s/he receives, based on what s/he feels s/he truly can afford.  In this way we need never turn anyone away, and folks who can pay more may know they have helped their neighbors who can pay just a little.”  Jeff has described the use of drugs quite succinctly:  

“Drugs are ‘allopathic’, meaning that they are designed to reverse a presenting symptom.  Period.  Their existence and use leads us not to consider whatever may have given rise to the symptom, but only to reverse that [whatever the cause was].  Thus, ‘You’ll need to take your antihypertension medication faithfully every day for the rest of your life.’  Why?  Because there’s no healing in that medication; it’s a ‘cure’ in the sense of ‘a treatment that successfully manages the disease condition’, not a restoration to health.  [emphasis added]


“This view of human health leads us, as well, into believing if there’s no presenting symptom, everything must be okay, and there’s nothing further to be done.  By that approach, highly-invasive, very expensive bypass surgery is ‘the cure’ for cardiovascular blockages at the heart -- yet such surgery does nothing to address blockages occurring elsewhere in the cardiovascular system; does nothing to reverse the conditions producing those blockages; and in general has a poor track record anyway -- yet, it’s the ‘accepted treatment’ for this condition; it’s one of the things keeping health and insurance costs higher than they need to be.  Insurance companies reimburse for bypass surgery; they do not reimburse for chelation treatments, for example.


“This line of thinking, this approach to disease management, builds upon itself, until we arrive in situations where drugs are being given to counter the ‘adverse effects’ of other drugs.  Seniors are sometimes ‘walking drug stores’ because of this.  The doctors say, ‘S/He’ll live longer with this’ or ‘S/He’ll die without this’, but forget to add the rest of the sentence: ‘...1) compared with doing nothing at all, 2) so far as we know, 3) based on the particular scientific evidence we feel is good enough to warrant our attention, and 4) completely disregarding all nutritional or herbal or homeopathic treatments -- because we, the Guardians of Your Health, have no faith or familiarity with those methodologies and know that the AMA or JAMA or NEJM would’ve told us if there were anything at all worthwhile in them.’  (It’s apparently true that all our medical colleges are funded by drug companies.  What’s wrong with that picture...?)


“It’s not that the drugs don’t provide what they claim; generally, they do.  It’s that (a) they have adverse effects, deemed ‘the necessary price’ to pay for the benefit of the drug; (b) they don’t heal anything; and (c) they distract our attention, resources, and focus away from finding what truly would be healing.  This makes for a culture-wide impact, in which we end up unaware of what causes disease, and therefore fail to take individual corrective measures, till finally symptoms appear, at which point the drugs may be the only immediately effective measures we find to be available.


“The majority of allopathic drugs are petroleum based.  Oil is the result of decaying dead things.  Really old decaying dead things.  It’s black and kinda scary in a certain context and ‘vibrationally challenged’.  We have certainly created a place for it in society, but the ability to restore health is not one of its innate characteristics.


“The conventional medical paradigm has led to situations in which (a) help is provided only when symptoms appear (which is arguably too late), and (b) no other help is available but drugs, surgery, etc.  Do those drugs then provide some kind of help?  Of course they do; we wouldn’t be using them at all if they didn’t.  [But] when only drugs are ‘acceptable treatment’, whatever they may accomplish, definitely does compare favorably with the alternative, namely, ‘doing nothing’.


“Ask why FDA [U. S. Federal Drug Administration] banned tryptophan just days before the announced release of Prozac; ask why that ban has never been lifted, even though the ban was known to be unnecessary a long time ago.  Ask why FDA ‘approves’ of NutraSweet at the same time, even though they’ve received more complaints about it than any other ‘food additive’ ever, and the primary complaint is ‘depression’.   (It affects serotonin, and probably impacts on vitamin B-6.)  Then ask why ‘honeyleaf’ (Stevia rebaudiana) has been approved by FDA -- but only as a supplement, not as a food additive (and thus it cannot be used to displace Aspartame in commercial food products).


“Our view of ‘the wonders of modern medicine’ is a truncated one; it’s based on a world view comprised of visible drug ‘cures’, but without the ‘rest of the story’ involving natural medicine methods, the suppression of those methods and oppression of the practitioners of them, and so on.”


There are several serious, societal “side-effects” of drugs in general.  These include:  

            Drug Reactions and Iatrogenic factors as a major cause of death,

            Many drugs, e.g. Vaccines, being ineffective at best, and deadly at worse,

            Many governments becoming Drug Enforcers, and thus co-conspirators,

            Schools now routinely drugging students with such horrors as Ritalin, et al,

            Individuals losing their Faith in Medical Doctors, the front line drug pushers,

            (Not to mention the Multi-National Drug Dealing -- Two Views),

            As well as losing any trust in Medical Organizations, the hidden drug pushers,

            (Due in large part to Medical Research Conflicts of Interest),

            And potentially very useful but Inexpensive Remedies having been outlawed.

            No wonder Mental Health is under attack as well!

Despite all the potential good that drugs might do, there has been so much misinformation and deception, all in the name of Corporate Rule profits, that it becomes a major effort to find anything that really cures without horrendous side effects. 

But there is hope.  Just don’t expect any positive contribution by the Mainstream Medical Monster. As for protection from the United States’ Federal Drug Administration (FDA), these are the same criminals who have approved and advocated the use of Aspartame in our foods.  See, for example, <http://www.dorway.com>, where misdiagnosis of Aspartame disease is allegedly another factor which has yet to be taken into account.

(11/1/06) One last rant: What about drugs like Marijuana which can easily grown by individuals in the privacy of their own real estate? Is it not obvious that the primary reason to outlaw the use of Marijuana is because the pharmceutical corporations can't control the supply (and thus the profits)? What exactly is the problem here?

Primarily, the problem is that Marijuana might be highly beneficial to health and/or the curing of such calamities as cancer. What is truly astounding is the fact that religious afficionados of the Jewish and Christian motifs tend to be loathe to expound the virtues of Marijuana. The irony is that Marijuana, known as Sweet Calamus, may be, as noted by Sol, part of the Jewish-Christian tradition of spiritual observances.

[BTW, Sol's "The Book of Thoth" website has a LOT of good stuff -- both content and well written.]


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