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Medical Tyranny

If the Politics of Health -- a further extension of Corporate Rule into the wellness of individuals -- was not bad enough, there is also the effort to usurp the powers of the many States of the union by an out-of-control federal government.  This is accomplished by the feds extracting money from taxpayers, which is then used to entice the States to submit to its will.  Such power-mongering includes the Model State Health Powers Act (MSHPA).  

The MSHPA provides for the introduction in all 50 state legislatures, laws which can grant emergency powers to governors and public-health authorities -- including:  

            1) the collection of private medical data and other records on individuals,

            2) the ‘control of property’, including, but not limited to, homes, cars, guns, food, clothing, and fuel,

            3) the management of people, including Mandatory Vaccines, incarceration and restrictions on transportation, and

            4) the seizure by the government of control of communications.  

MSHPA thus constitutes a prescription for tyranny.  It allows one man or woman, i.e. the governor, to be able to declare a public-health emergency and assume all of these powers.  There is no need for a 9-11-2001 event, or a bio-terrorism, nuclear, or chemical attack.  

As of June 2001, eleven states have passed emergency health powers acts based on this model.  Another 22 are considering them, with only six states -- Idaho, Nebraska, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Mississippi and Washington state -- having rejected them.  

According to a summary of the MSHPA bill, the American Legislative Exchange Council, a small-government advocacy group made up of about one-third of all state legislators, the bill gives governors unprecedented authority in the event of a terrorist attack or other threat to the public health, including granting them the power to order the collection of all data and records on citizens, ban firearms, take control of private property and quarantine entire cities.  Critics suggest the bill is an outright and unnecessary threat to civil liberties.  


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