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Allopathic medicine attacks the symptoms (i.e. the effects of the problem) by attempting to suppress them.  Homeopathy approaches the problem by stimulating the immune system to fight the cause of the problem.  In allopathic medicine, the immune system attempts to solve the problem in spite of the allopathic procedures and drugs.  The homeopathic idea is to work with the immune system.  Allopathic medicine is in reality an effective means of buying time -- for reducing the “hemorrhaging” of the system just long enough for the immune system to have time to do its thing.  Thus, allopathic medicine in an emergency room atmosphere makes total sense.  It does not make sense in chronic problems, where time is not of the essence.  Homeopathy does make sense in the latter case.



The information contained within the pages of this website is for educational purposes only.  Nothing set forth herein is intended to be medical advice or able to be construed as such.  This discussion is private in entirety and non-negotiable between the parties.  Anyone acting on any of the contents herein does so solely on the basis of her or his own volition and at his or her own risk.  Everyone has the duty and absolute right to think, evaluate, research, learn, and act autonomously.  Inasmuch as Medicine and Law equate to the “right” to use potentially deadly force (destructive violence), it would appear prudent for anyone to refrain from adopting any course of action without first understanding the basis and reasons thereof and how to defend it if challenged.


Homeopathy is marvelously simple in concept.  Essentially, the idea is to find a solution which counters an illness causing entity (virus, disease, germ, etceteras), and then dilute the solution in water to the point where there is a negligible probability that any of the original solution is still in the water (but where the water still contains the “vibrational frequency” of the curing solution).   

If, for example, a particular virus caused an illness, and it was known that a solution of X was effective in killing that virus, then a solution of X would be diluted with water in a step-wise process until it was unlikely that a single molecule of X actually remained in the water!  The diluted water, however, would still retain the potency of the X solution, and could effectively kill the virus (or deal with the problem) just as well as the full solution of X.  Of particular note is the fact that the diluted version would not include any of the side effects, which might be normally associated with the original solution X!  

And therein lies the key to most alternative medicines and healing modalities.  Eliminating the side effects -- i.e., the Drug Reactions -- result in healing without additional complications.  An ear infection which would be countered by an allopathic drug might easily result in the infection being “cured”, but also producing a fungus, which must then be countered by yet another allopathic medicine.  In some cases, the side effects cause problems which can make things much worse!   

Can you imagine the effect if the original diagnosis was wrong?  Oooooo...  

An additional, very serious problem of allopathic medicines is the effect when two or more of these medicines are mixed.  It’s a bit like taking cold medicine and an alcoholic drink, only the results can be even more catastrophic than a greatly increased drunkedness.   

With homeopathy, however, multiple remedies can be included in a single solution with no ill side effects, and administered by something as simple as a few drops under the tongue.  [Beats the beejeezus out of shots!]  

Then there are the herbal remedies -- the sort of things Indians, Aborigines, and numerous other folks have used to successfully heal everything from indigestion to chronic heart disease.  In mainstream medicine, pharmaceutical interests have often looked for plants which have been known to cure disease (including researching native remedies).  Once they find something, they then attempt to isolate the “active elements”, i.e. those portions of the natural remedy which directly goes after the problem.  This is done because it is far cheaper (and thus far more profitable) to synthesize the few chemical ingredient of the active elements than it is to produce the complete natural plant or herbal remedy.  The economic, functional, and profit potential difference between a pill factory and a farm growing natural plants is enormous!  

Unfortunately for the pharmaceutical companies Paradigms, however, is that the natural remedy often contains within the plant’s additional ingredients -- those elements which are supposedly not “active” in terms of attacking the specific problem -- elements which are instead active in eliminating any possible side-effects.  Herbal remedies invariably do not suffer from side effects (else the medicine man or shaman would have found themselves suffering from an affliction of the irate patient kind).  Allopathic medicines, on the other hand, are replete with side effects.  Allopathic medicines are indeed cheaper to make, but inevitably they contain the negative side-effects, which negate most of their promise.  

An excellent example of an herbal cure is a blend of four herbs called Essiac.  This Canadian Indian remedy was discovered on behalf of Western Medicine by a nurse named Caisse (i.e. Essiac spelled backwards), who used it with great success in curing and/or alleviating the deleterious effects of various forms of cancer.  But despite its great success -- and the support of numerous medical doctors (including the personal physician of John F. Kennedy) -- Essiac has never been widely accepted or even known about.  A cure for cancer, after all, is the last thing the American Cancer Society wants!  What would happen to all those employed in the research and cancer treatment fields, if suddenly people quit being diagnosed or afflicted with cancer!?  

The ACS, after all, has learned from history.  In particular, the case when the March of Dimes organization suddenly found themselves adrift after the discovery of the Salk Polio Vaccine.  There was even talk of abandoning the organization.  But reason (as well as profit, lucrative employment, and other self-interests) prevailed, and the organization quickly switched its efforts (and marketing) to birth defects.  The ACS probably recognizes that a trend of newly discovered cures might result in the ACS and related organizations simply no longer being needed!  Bummer!  

But what is truly fascinating is the fact that the best of all possible worlds, the most underrated of all cures and remedies, the panacea for most anything that ails you, is...  Ready?  You sure?  Okay.  It’s Water!  Try it; you’ll like it.  No kidding.  And if you combine it with Laughter and getting enough sleep (8 hours per night), then you'll be healthy, wealthy, and wise!


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