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Zero-Sum Games

A zero-sum game is the idea that one must of necessity balance the books, that you canít pay Paul unless you rob Peter first.  Itís implied that one cannot create a thing, but can only shift it around -- albeit possibly be able to transform its appearance in some manner.

Zero-sum games are based on the physics of the Conservation of Energy (one of the basic Laws of Thermodynamics, among other things).  In other words, it is theoretically -- from a hard science point of view -- impossible to create energy, and all our machinations of the modern world are limited to transforming the form of the energy.  The latter, of course, includes mass as a form of energy (via Einsteinís famous E = mc2).

Zero-sum games are usually applied to economics -- the derivation of the concept being from physics notwithstanding.  The basic idea was that one cannot create gold anymore than one could create energy.  One could discover new sources of gold, but these sources had already existed previously -- they were simply hidden prior to that time.

This concept thus eliminated Alchemy and any possibility of the Transmutation of lead into gold.  Or so it was hoped by Dem Wid de Gold, who may not have liked the idea that their power (aka energy per unit time) derived from a limited supply of gold, of which they had the lionís share.  Making gold enormously more available (and thus cheaper) would have been disastrous to their interests.

But that was back in the olden days when money had intrinsic value -- i.e. a gold and silver coins or paper money backed by gold and silver (materials which have intrinsic value).  In more modern times, bankers have found a way to flaunt conservation laws with abandon.  The modern bankers, or as they are more affectionately known, Banksters, have learned to create money out of the vacuum.  They havenít reached the point of creating gold and silver (or energy), but money -- i.e. currency which is not backed by gold or any other tangible quantity -- can be easily created with a few key strokes on a computer.

Admittedly, the banksters must make dual entries (i.e. credits and debits), but the debits are merely a state of mind.  Itís not like anyone is ever going to have to pay off their debts!  Shirley, you jest!  The reality is that thereís not enough money to pay even a small portion of the existing debt.  Too much was created out of nothing.  Better yet, as long as true wealth can be transferred from other parts of the world to the coffers of the bankers, then there is always a pipeline for creating money, and no need to pay off anything.

Not to be outdone, physics has now begun to sense the same idea.  The zero-sum game may still apply, but itís a zero-sum that only comes into play when one considers the entire universe!  We may have universal resources, but such resources are ultimately limited by the size and resource of the entire universe.  In effect, physics is now attempting to create energy out of the vacuum, but where the vacuum is already the depository of energy -- humongous amounts of it!

Another way of looking at it is that physics is attempting to transfer energy from other parts of the universe -- what might be considered non-local.  This is in accordance with Machís Principle, the implication that all electrical charges in the universe are connected, and the basic precepts of Connective Physics.  In effect, physics now has the entire universe as an energy resource.

There is also the supposition that we have always had access to the universal resources, via Consciousness, and in a myriad of ways that tapped the Zero-Point Energy (aka the vacuum), but in which we were oblivious of our having done so.  We may have been going extraterrestrial for as long as humans have been on the planet.

[Banksters are becoming vaguely aware of this extraterrestrial connection as well, in that they realize when they have absconded with all of the worldís wealth, they will have to go further afield into the extraterrestrial realms in order to accumulate yet further wealth at the expense of the many.  Itís a never ending struggle for your hard-stealing bankster.  Sigh!  The Banksters may even have to give NASA a new lease on life.]

There is, however, the possibility that even the universal zero-sum game will not hold.  In other words, the universe may have its connections to additional sources as well.  With the distinct possibility inherent in Hyperdimensional Physics, Superstrings, and the like, there is the likelihood of multiple universes.

Furthermore, there is Consciousness, and more particularly, the seemingly infinite amount of resources in the guise of Love.  There is, in fact, no apparent Conservation Law with respect to Love.  In other words, Love Is Not a Zero-Sum Game.


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