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Quantum Knowing

Elementary particles (electrons, protons, and the like) evolve in states which are wave-like (i.e. non-material), provided they are not observed.  But the very act of observation causes the waves to collapse into particle states.  Electrons can also interfere with themselves, and are able to take all possible paths open to it -- if not observed!  Even the case of not observing (or knowing) the path an electron takes is sufficient to reduce its wave-like state to a particle-state.  This is even without in any way interfering with the electron in its path by an external observation, but by simply knowing via the manner of logical deduction!   

A distinct change in a macroscopic observable phenomenon is brought about by nothing but the change in knowledge about the system.  Reality is created by observation.  Bishop Berkeley (1685-1763) is reputed to have said, “To be is to be perceived.”  We went on to propose that only the mind and its ideas are real in the world.  

Thus, the position of an elementary particle is not an intrinsic attribute, but a property created by measurement/observation.  At the same time, an electron knows when it’s being observed -- and presumably when you’re aware or asleep, whether you’ve been good or bad, and so forth.  A quantum electron seems to have mind-like properties, whose order is determined by principles of symmetry, abstract mathematical patterns or forms!  

According to Lother Schäfer: “we are clusters of matter with its associated mechanical properties, but the idea-like state of being also breaks out at the level of consciousness.  The mind-matter problem exists, because in its stable mechanical states matter forgets its origins in the world of idea-like states.”   

Stable, yes.  But in far-from-equilibrium states, it’s an entirely another matter.  Sudden changes do not promote stability, but rather remind us and the electron of our origins.  The radical change of pace invokes the mind-like state of both machines and humans, and Determinism takes a back seat to Free Will.   

As Schäfer has said, “The openness of the quantum world conveys a feeling of liberation.  One might see the promise of messages -- perhaps a benign guidance -- from the depths of the universe, which affect our fate even though we do not understand them.  And there is excitement in being part of a universe that is creative and where the unexpected and even the inexplicable constantly come into being.”   So... What creative contributions have you made of late?


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