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A classic experiment concerning Mass is one that distinguishes between gravitational and inertial mass.  On the one hand, a massive object can experience the acceleration of gravity or, on the other hand, the acceleration due to an external force and the mass’ inertia.

To do the experiment, one takes two small weights, each with a hook, and strings them up in series.  The upper most weight is tied to a structural support with a single thread, while the lower weight is tied to the upper weight with five threads (where each of the 5 threads are identical in strength to the single thread).

In step one of the experiment, additional weights are gently added to the lower hanging weight until, eventually, the single thread holding the entire system of weights breaks and everything falls to the ground.  This is a demonstration of the acceleration of gravity, or the gravitational force acting on a mass.

In step two, the same initial experiment is again constructed -- one thread holding all the weights from the structural support, and five threads connecting the two weights.  Then someone yanks (very quickly, as in a hammer blow, or abrupt impulse) on the lowermost weight.  The result is always a surprise.  The five lower threads will all break, and the single thread holding the uppermost weight to the structural support will not break!  In effect the inertia of the upper weight (or more accurately, the inertia of the mass) has resisted the abrupt movement of the lower weight.  

A similar experiment is yanking the table cloth from a table without all of the dishes on the table following the table cloth.  The key is to yank the table cloth very quickly, and in such a manner as to avoid catching the dishes in a fold or in any other way attaching to the table cloth.  There are no strings here, but the friction between the table cloth and dishes act in their stead.  Another factor is that the dishes need to have a certain mass -- plastic dishes, for example, would very likely go flying, even with an experienced table cloth... remover?   

Note the similarity of these experiments with the concept of Inertial Propulsion or even The Fifth Element, where the key factor is the abrupt acceleration of the lower weight, the table cloth, or the application and deapplication of a force on a system.  It all ties together!  And with considerably more strength than a mere five threads!  

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