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Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was easily the true inventive genius who more than anyone else created the modern world of electricity and magnetism.  Among other things, he invented the rotating magnetic field and gave us the Alternating Current (AC) system that the whole world uses today.  The initiating of AC current systems was eventually adopted by the world in spite of the fact that Tesla’s former employer, Thomas Edison -- the prime champion of Direct Current (DC) systems -- did everything imaginable to discount Tesla’s genius and prevent his work from being accepted.  (Edison was not a nice guy!)  

Born in Serbia in 1858, Tesla became a naturalized American.  In 1912, he won the Edison Medal, having patented over 200 of his discoveries in the field of energy conversion.  He developed the Tesla coil, which eventually produced a 4 million volt charge that sent uncontrolled arcs jumping all over his laboratory.  Tesla's work was initially sponsored by the copper magnate J.P. Morgan, who could see many more millions in the copper wire which would transmit Tesla's AC current around the world.  When Morgan learned that Tesla was working on a system which would transmit energy without wires -- and thus the power going to homes could not be metered! -- Morgan dropped Tesla cold.  

Tesla established a new laboratory in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  It was a weird-looking building, with a wooden pyramid extending from its roof, with a 200 ft mast with a meter-wide copper sphere on top.  With this, Tesla worked on his theory that the whole of Earth is not only an "earth" but an electrical conductor, which could both store and reproduce the electricity pumped into it by Nature and Man.  Tesla's dream was to harness these waves of power so that they could be tapped at any point on the world's surface.  

His early experiments succeeded only too well.  His copper transmitters attracted so much energy in the earth that Colorado Springs residents found disconcerting sparks between their feet and the ground, and received harmless but disconcerting electric shocks when they touched any earth bound object, such as a household tap.  Electric lights would glow even when not turned on.  All this because of the laboratory on the hill.  It is perhaps not surprising that Tesla's tower (and home) was destroyed by a dynamite explosion, and he was eventually ruined.  He died in 1943 in poverty.  

Tesla was a genius before his time.  He had discovered the truth about free energy but never had the support to understand how to harness it effectively.  The good news is Tesla's energy dream did not die with him -- and now it is almost ready to be harnessed.

(8/15/05) There are numerous websites extolling the greatness and genius of Tesla, but one favorite is: http://www.supernaturalminds.com/NikolaTesla.html.


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