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Crisis in American Government

A Scripps Howard News Service - Ohio University national survey, conducted in 1997, reported the “news” that the majority of Americans believe their government is guilty of major crimes and adept at The Art of Cover Ups.  Was anyone really surprised?  

Recently, the phrase, “I love my country, but I fear my government,” began showing up on bumper stickers.  They could easily have said, “I love my country, but I can’t trust my government.”  “In God We Trust,” perhaps.  But not the government!  

Consider just a few details of the survey results:  

·        Sixty six percent of Americans are more angry with the Federal Government than they ever were before.  Simultaneously, there is widespread belief that government is not only not the solution to our problems, but is probably the cause of many of them.  [It’s so encouraging to see two thirds of the people realizing this!]  

·        People of every race, age, education level, economic status, and political leanings think that what the government is doing is making their lives worse rather than better.  Cynicism and disillusionment are the bywords.  

·        Fifty one percent believe that it is either “very likely” or “somewhat likely” that federal officials were “directly responsible for the assassination of President Kennedy” in 1963.  More than a third suspect the U. S. Navy (either by accident or on purpose) shot down TWA Flight 800 in New York in 1996.   

·        A clear majority believe federal agents deliberately set the fires that killed 81 Branch Davidians in Waco in 1993.  They also believe it is possible the CIA intentionally allowed Central American drug dealers to sell cocaine to inner-city blacks.  

·        Forty one percent said they believe it “very likely” that federal authorities are responsible for at least one of the above four tragedies; thirty eight percent said they believe at least one of the theories (aka Conspiracies) is “somewhat likely”; and twenty one percent labeled all four “conspiracy theories” as “unlikely”.  

·        Slightly less than fifty percent of Americans believe it is “very likely” that our government is “withholding what they know about nerve gas or germ warfare attacks on American troops during the Persian Gulf War.”  

What this adds up to is that what the government says, just doesn’t add up.  Cover-ups seem commonplace.  No one believes their government is honest.  Not even close!   Possibly more disturbing is the widespread belief that the government was responsible for initiating actions intended to kill and maim (possibly in order to gain ever greater control by so-called security measures).   

The question not yet asked is what percentage of Americans believe that the federal government (including the President and key members of the Bush Administration) had prior knowledge of the events of 9-11-2001 and either allowed or initiated the acts?  

More than a few apologists might suggest these results are skewed by the legacy of the war in Vietnam, Watergate (and several other “gates”), Hollywood’s preoccupation with anti-government themes, the Iran-Contra affair, and a proliferation of FBI scandals.  

Suspicion of government, however, dates back long before Vietnam.  When the survey asked if “President Roosevelt knew in advance that the Japanese were going to bomb Pearl Harbor, but did not warn our troops because he wanted to get the United States involved in World War II”, forty two percent said that they thought if “very likely” or “somewhat likely”, while a nearly equal forty three percent said it was “unlikely”.  [The big question was why Roosevelt might have wanted us in the war!  Because we were needed to turn the tide against the Axis of Germany-Italy-Japan, because of “orders” from the Crown of England (and/or the international banksters), or something else!]  

Prior to then, the Great Depression, the US Bankruptcy, the demise of Common Law,  the Social InSecurity Ponzi Scheme, and the Banksters takeover -- a con so beautifully depicted in the Wizard of Oz...  All of these events repeated the same mantra over and over:  That there is no crime that, if you’re clever or powerful enough, you can get away with it.  It’s just a matter, often, of paying for the PR and Media spin/control.  

But even this may simplify it too much.  Government has never been trusted by everyone.  It’s the old adage of: “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time...”  Even for a master of illusion, it’s tough to con everyone.  But with government, there is increasingly little effort to make the illusion stick.  Governments have begun to realize that even when they’re caught with their hands in the cookie jar, they still don’t have to pay the piper.  They can get away with almost anything.  They key is simply to deny, deny, deny...  And then ignore it.  It’s the ultimate power play.  

When President Abraham Lincoln signed the first of the Executive Orders, and Congress became nothing more than a facade for the next hundred and forty years, the ground was laid for the masters of manipulation to begin their con.  

Government is not trusted -- there is a Crisis of Confidence in the American Government -- because the government is untrustworthy.  Just as the acronym for the Department of Defense agency, NASA, stands for “Never A Straight Answer,” the only true art that the government has mastered is that of lies, deceptions, The Art of Cover Ups, and broken promises.  The true tragedy is that this statement has become old news.  

Has there ever been a reason to trust governments?  Probably not.  Government is, after all, composed of managers, whose only real talent is management.  They don’t produce anything -- no products or real services.  They just manage.  But because they are not the producers, the managers really don’t have any value to those who do produce.  Thus, the only reason the managers can maintain their life style of unproductivity is by convincing the producers that the managers are needed.  This is done by fear -- fear of war, fear of terrorism, fear of radical thinkers, fear of websites, fear of Enemy Combatants, etceteras -- as well as continual promises of a better life for the producers (“a chicken in every pot”, et al).  The promises are, of course, almost never kept.  Meanwhile, the non-producers pose as “public servants”, and spend their time and energy on maintaining the con.  

Ultimately, it’s about control.  Those who have little faith in themselves must find others to control in order to have faith in their own survival.  An excellent essay on this theme is entitled:  Globalism, Neo-Tribalism And False Reality, by Graham L. Strachan.  

All of this might cause some concern to the average citizen.  Widespread knowledge of this might even cause a crisis.  But the response to the crisis might even be the apparent need for more control in order to meet the new crisis!  Something of a double edge sword.  

There is also the reality that what one gives attention to, increases.  It might be better to actually ignore government and begin Creating Reality of a very different sort.  But of course to truly ignore government, one might have to quit supporting the government by the pointless act of voting -- where the Supreme Court may stuff the results and simply pick their preferred choice, or where only 5% of the registered voters may actually vote for a winning governor in an “off-year election”.  More significantly, one can cease to support the government by not contributing to it financially via the Infernal Revenue Service.  But in the latter case, one had better do a lot of homework on the subject before doing any such drastic action.   

One final consideration is that perhaps, just perhaps, the average citizen is not ready for Sovereignty.  Perhaps the non-producing managers are needed in order to keep the rabble at bay.  It may very well be that an enormous amount of Education will be needed before the average bloke if reasonably prepared to take on his or her responsibilities.


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