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Synastry is the comparison of two (or more) natal charts.  It is the thing that describes why one person is attracted or repulsed by another.  It also describes the issues that will inevitably exist between two people.  In many respects a synastry chart of two people is often easier to interpret than a single person’s natal chart.  In the latter case, many people are resistant to hearing things about themselves (even if they’re true), while in most any relationship -- particularly a romantic one -- most of all the issues that will have real impact on the relationship have already raised their ugly heads.  

A synastry of sun signs are the reason people ask you your sign when they first meet you.  [Okay, so it’s considered nerdy or weird nowadays -- but it does have its place!] It’s like, if you’re a Libra, I’m on the first train out of town, but if you’re a Cancer, I really, really want to get to know you better.  None of this, of course, changes who you are.  If you’re a Cancer, for example, one person (e.g. a Scorpio or Pisces) will find your nurturing qualities highly desirable, while another (e.g. a Libra or Aries) will find your emotionally insufferable.  Nothing is different except their perception.  

Sun sign compatibility is a really good idea for a long term relationship.  But there is also the attraction aspect of opposite signs -- say Taurus and Scorpio -- where one person sees in the other person all the attributes that the first person lacks.  (And wishes to acquire.)  Squares (where two signs are ninety degrees apart, e.g. Gemini and Virgo or Pisces), on the other hand, are just plain difficult to deal with.  They are often called challenges, instead of problems, but trust me:  They’re problems!  

The Moon signs are also important from the perspective of how two people emotionally deal with each other and the world at large.  This is emotional compatibility.  But the Sun and Moon relative aspects are important as well.  The latter can, in fact, overcome a lot of other... challenges in other parts of the chart.  

Communications compatibility is the purview of the Mercury.  Is what one person said, what the other person heard?  Or can one literally finish the other person’s sentences?   

Venus and Mars.  Ah yes.  Finally.  The sexual compatibility!  A cross connect between one person’s Venus and the other’s Mars can mean that sex is easy, simple and works like a charm, that it’s all pretty compatible, OR that the two people should never be left alone in the same room together.  Saturn can also play a role, by inhibiting one or the other in the bedroom.  But Saturn is also karmic, so there can be an intense sexual attraction -- just nothing to suggest anything like long term compatibility.  

The Venus-Venus thing will be more about compatibility (or the lack thereof) in beauty, aesthetics, and appreciation of culture.  Mars-Mars is about cooperating in sports, war, professions, and joint endeavors.  Even with the best Sun and Moon combinations, a mis-placed Mars or Saturn can wreck a fair amount of havoc.  

Jupiter simply adds good stuff to a relationship, while seldom causing any problems.  Mars and Jupiter, for example, can be a great deal of great sex!  Great!  

Saturn, on the other hand, is the karmic planet.  It’s the one that says “you did me in in an earlier life, you dirty so and so”.  Or...  “We were once passionate lovers...  Remember?”  It has been said, that when comparing two people’s charts (for any kind of relationship), check the relevant placements of Saturn.  There will almost always be a connection, in that if there is no Saturnian connection, the odds are extremely good that the two people will never have stopped long enough to even chat.  Saturn appears to be a critical factor in first bringing two people’s attention to focus on one another.  It’s even been said, that without a Saturn connection, two people cannot stay together.  It’s as if we relish the... you know: challenges of a relationship... more than the comfort.  This therefore implies that the main reason for relationships is to meet the challenges and undergo the transformations that come with that particular package.  

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto add their own special influence to the synastry of two charts, but they don’t quite have the impact of the personal planets and Saturn.  On the other hand, Neptune, for example, can really add some Illusions to a relationship -- a good thing, perhaps, as long as one’s illusions are not abruptly shattered (probably by Uranus).  

A nice aspect of synastry is that it can forewarn the existence of certain issues that are bound to crop up in a relationship, and in this way, can allow two people to understand the potential pitfalls and solutions.  As Lao Tzu, the famous Chinese philosopher, is reputed to have once said, Most people who miss, after almost winning, should have “known the end from the beginning.”



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