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In February 2002, an Australian financial services group, Suncorp Metway, Ltd, released the results of a study on car accidents where claimants were categorized on the basis of their sun sign.  The results showed that Gemini’s were the most accident prone, with Taureans and Pisceans near runner ups.

The explanation(s), allegedly, was that Geminis were typically the restless sort, easily bored and frustrated by anything that moved too slowly.  (That’s why they also  talk incessantly, and tend to leap from being the life of the party to being in tears.)  Geminis simply don’t bother to take their time on any actions, and are prone to rush in where angels and used car salespeople fear to tread.  Accordingly, they had more accidents in their cars than any other sign. 

Taureans, on the other hand, were obstinate, inflexible, and frankly, bull-headed.  Move over?  Not on their life!  They would prefer to focus on the black and white decisions of driving -- either you’re on the road or you’re not.  There’s no in-between. 

Pisceans, on the third hand, were dare-devils and risk takers.  There is not a lot of things that a Pisces won’t try.  Drugs and booze, or ultimate spiritual peak experiences -- they’re all pretty much the same standard fare for a Pisces.

Capricorns, meanwhile, are known as the original law and order, rule and authority figures, and consequently were statistically the safest behind the wheel.  Supposedly, this safety track record is because of Capricorn’s patience and careful driving, but also likely because of their tendency to obey every inane law in the book.

The Metway study was based on 160,000 car accident claims received over a three year period.  But despite the obvious and excellent statistics, Suncorp Metway said that it had no intention of altering its premium rate structure on the basis of a person’s sun sign. 

Which just goes to show that conclusive evidence is seldom sufficient in changing most people’s alleged minds, and almost never a corporation’s Paradigms. 

On the other hand, they’re probably already taking into account the sun sign in setting their rates, and simply not telling anyone for fear of ridicule -- as in a whole horde of Geminis talking incessantly about it, practically every Taurean refusing to ever have anything to do with them, and Pisceans ensuring that their next accident is in Suncorp Metway’s front lobby.

But the Capricorns would happily go along with whatever rules are created.

Ranking the sun signs, with the most accident prone first are:

            Gemini              (air)                  (mutable -- flexible)

            Taurus              (earth)              (fixed -- stubborn)

            Pisces               (water)             (mutable)

            Virgo                (earth)              (mutable)

            Cancer             (water)             (cardinal -- good at initiating things)

            Aquarius           (air)                  (fixed)

            Aries                (fire)                 (cardinal)

            Leo                  (fire)                 (fixed)

            Libra                (air)                  (cardinal)

            Sagittarius         (fire)                 (mutable)

            Scorpio            (water)             (fixed)

            Capricorn         (earth)              (cardinal)

The fact that Scorpios are almost as free of accidents as Capricorns is probably more likely that they don’t get caught, than any pointless reference to obeying the rules.  Scorpios, in fact, like to flaunt the rules, but in complete secrecy.  Of course.



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