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“Prime Directive” Violations

Revised July 1, 2007

Fans of the television series (and subsequent movies), of both Star Trek and Star Trek, The Next Generation are already familiar with the “Prime Directive” -- a fictional man-made law of the future which prohibits absolutely any type of interference or involvement by humans in another world’s natural evolution.  This directive at first glance seems to be a laudable and exemplary concept which denies any natural hubris on mankind’s part that we as humans know what is best for another world’s culture.  Instead, we are obliged, above all else, to allow each world the space in which to follow its own path, whatever that path might be -- including, if applicable, self destruction!  

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However, the very concept of the Prime Directive may, in itself, be an example of human hubris.  A theoretical and/or fictional law which prohibits interference by intelligent beings in another world’s natural evolution may be nothing more than a human penchant for allowing others to choose the route of: “I’d rather do it myself!  And I don’t care if I really, really foul it up!” Humankind does have, after all, a plethora of historical examples of the "poppa knows best" mind set being responsible for all manner of disastrous wars and horrific suffering of intended beneficiaries.

An alternative concept is that all beings in the universe are connected (as in Connective Physics), and what we do affects others, perhaps in a negative way.  Even in the TV series, Star Trek, The Next Generation, there was one episode in which the constant use of warp drive was having a detrimental effect on the space-time continuum, and thus all the species/races were being affected by humans “going where no man had gone before.”  If in fact there is a connection of all things within the universe (a basic premise of this website), then the Prime Directive may not be all that viable.


Regardless of any possible desirability of a Prime Directive, the question still remains as to whether or not the evolution of the human species on the planet Earth has been and/or continues to be accorded the same courtesy that our fictional descendants have decreed for other worlds.  In effect, is mankind being allowed to evolve at its own pace and without any type of intervention by extraterrestrial and/or interdimensional intelligences?  Is there any evidence which might imply the possibility of past, present, or Future Interventions?  Perhaps more importantly, how might the possibility of such violations of the Prime Directive change our most basic concepts of who we think we are and where we think we’re going?  

Reality being what it is, there is ample evidence to suggest that the human race is not only being subjected to intervention by extraterrestrial and/or interdimensional intelligences, but is specifically not being allowed to evolve at its own pace or in its own direction.  Any ET equivalent of the Prime Directive seems to have been consistently and extensively violated in Earth’s past, and may be continuing to be violated in the present and immediate future.   

Evidence which partially demonstrates the extent of prior violations, the distinct possibility of current intrusions, and the considered possibility of immediate future interventions include:  Geologic Anomalies, the evolution of Homo sapiens sapiens, the influence on human affairs by the Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient World, several Paradoxical Paradigms, Crop Circles, UFOs, an apparent Acceleration of Reality, and the existence of unique artifacts and anomalous events (both on and off the planet Earth).  The latter includes everything from Cydonia to the Tunguska Explosion, Comet Hale-Bopp to the Return of the Goddess, and from 600 B.C.E. to 2012 A.D. (i.e. the Age of Pisces).  

The really big news, of course, is the evidence stemmed from the first reports from the Cassini space probe with respect to Saturn's wholly unique satellite, Iapetus. [And we refer to Iapetus as a satellite -- instead of a moon -- on the basis of some very interesting features of the... whatever it is!] Iapetus promises further Revelations [pardon the pun] as early as September 2007 when a very close fly by of the satellite by Cassini is planned. Stay tuned. This could be the big one.

The possibility of Future Interventions is obviously much more speculative, but to some degree such interventions might appear inevitable if only for a lack of evidence which would demonstrate that the interventions might cease, or that a motivation to cease even exists.

Based on the scientific evidence and improved understanding of our recorded history, evolutionary genealogy, and an awareness of the happenings in our solar system, it seems inevitable to conclude that the so-called Prime Directive has been consistently and extensively violated in our past, is continuing to be violated in the present, and can be expected to be violated in the immediate future.  Richard Boylan [1] has stated: “Our DNA has been engineered and manipulated with intervention on a grand scale.  There was no prime directive.”  In addition, current events and impending possibilities are seemingly looming up on every side.           

So where are they?  Why all the secrecy?  Isn’t this just so much hype?  After all, won’t our restricted view of Einstein’s “speed limit” prevent or severely limit any interstellar extraterrestrials from dropping by for tea?   

It is of course true that Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity declares that a physical craft cannot be accelerated up to the speed of light (186,000 miles per second) -- albeit the theory does not eliminate the possibility of a physical object traveling faster than the speed of light (e.g. tachyons). Nor does it prevent non-physical objects from attaining any effective speed. Nevertheless, mainstream physics has typically insisted that travel from star systems hundreds of light years away to the Earth would require, as a minimum, hundreds of years for a one way trip.

At the same time, however, Einstein did not consider (and may have been unaware of) the interdimensional nature of our universe that mainstream science is rapidly discovering.  Dimensions beyond the three dimensions of space and one dimension of time, are fundamental to theories of Connective Physics, Superstrings, Zero-Point Energy, and “Vacuum Polarization”, and may be required for certain theories of Superconductivity, astrophysics, and gravity.  Hyperdimensional Physics, for example, represents some of the first attempts to fully explain everything from Sacred Geometry to anomalies at 19.5 degrees latitude on the planets Mars, Neptune, Jupiter, Earth, the Earth's Moon, and the list goes on and on.  Furthermore, Hyperdimensional Physics relies on additional dimensions and, in fact, demands their existence.


Therefore, if other dimensions are a reality -- and the scientific evidence is very strong that such dimensions do exist -- then it doesn’t take a huge leap of the imagination to visualize other beings from other star systems (and/or other dimensions) from using some form of hyperdimensional or other even more exotic physics to travel pretty much where ever they choose. It is important to recognize in that sense that our understanding of physics may be enormously primitive. There is thus no valid justification for a luminal speed limit, and accordingly any apparent distances to other star systems are almost certainly not a barrier to interstellar travel.


Given the Earth being readily available for extraterrestrial visitations, why isn’t there a traffic jam of interstellar craft currently in orbit?  Why are we seemingly alone?

One possibility is that our solar system is distinctly uninteresting, being located on the fringe of one of the outlying arms of the Milky Way galaxy. There are simply far more interesting fish to fry within the galaxy for extraterrestrials with the technology to visit just about anywhere they choose.

An intriguing aside is that recent advances have been reported by Viewzone to the effect that our solar system is not originally from the Milky Way galaxy, but is instead part of an enormous galactic interaction (and/or assimilation -- "Resistance is futile; you will be assimilated."). The gist of this argument is that our parent galaxy might actually be the "Sagittarius Dwarf" galaxy! Such a suggestion provides an answer to the long standing dilemma of why the plane of the Milky Way galaxy as at an angle of roughly 80 degrees (almost square) to the plane of the solar system. Stranger still is the fact that this information is based on peer-reviewed journal articles from mainstream astrophysics -- as opposed to the speculations of those more inclined toward... well... speculations. In any case, a quick visit to the Viewzone article at this point might be a well spent diversion.

It is also worth noting -- now that you're back -- that Arcturus, the fourth brightest star in our nighttime sky (along with the other 52 members of the so-called Arcturus Group), has an unusual motion with respect to the rest of the Milky Way galaxy. Crystalinks mentions this fact (among others) and indirectly corroborates the Viewzone view that there is a whole host of stars in the neighborhood who are likely to be relatively recent arrivals to the Milky Way -- and thus may in fact be members of the Sagittarius invaders. Meanwhile, Arcturus (in the Bootes constellation), is linked to Spica of the Virgo Cathedrals of Northern France fame via its apparent proximity and to the old adage: "Arc to Arcturus, then speed on to Spica".

In other words, everything is connected -- and apparently in more ways than previously imagined.

Another possibility for the lack of an overt presence of extraterrestrials on the planet Earth is that having potential enemies totally unaware of your existence is a highly effective defense. Considering what we and our governments are capable of when meeting new and different beings and cultures -- for example, knee jerk reactionary wars and/or holocausts -- it seems more likely that we may be experiencing a “hands-off” attitude on the part of ETs who know us all too well.  It's a matter of the "Prime Directive" being used to protect the interventionists, not necessarily just those reaping the rewards of being invaded.

There is also the possibility that the Earth has been subject to interventions in the past and that during the period from 600 B.C.E. to 2012. A.D. the Anunnaki have temporarily suspended overt, direct influence over the day-to-day affairs of Earth.


One final possibility is that the Earth may have friends in higher places.  Perhaps a form of the Prime Directive is being enforced by more benevolent beings (more benevolent, for example, than humans).  Drunvalo Melchizedek [2] and others, for example, contends that other extraterrestrials are required to request permission and obtain training from the Hathors on Venus, before entering the fourth dimension of Earth.  Say what?           

Whatever the truth, we are inevitably brought to the fundamental question:  What  do we have to fear?  Are the bad guys really on their way to invade us?  Are there good guys waiting in the wings to help us -- provided enough of us wake up and ask for help?          

When asked the question of whether or not there were intelligences in the universe which were far more advanced technologically than we are, AND meaner than we are, Ken Carey [3] -- author of Starseed Transmissions, answered, “If they’re meaner than we are, they don’t make it” [and thus they don’t become technologically advanced either].  

On a decidedly positive note, Drunvalo Melchizedek [2] has stated that the number of life forms are beyond imagination.  [Which supposedly saves you from all the trouble of having to imagine the concept.] He goes on to note that all life is organized, and all life forms in the galaxy are sacred, and that furthermore, there are only Four Kinds of Beings:  

                        1.  Light Beings -- who bring order to life,

                        2.  Dark Beings -- who cause chaos,

                       3.  Both Light and Dark Beings -- who work either side, depending on what they perceive is needed for balance, and

                       4.  The majority of beings, called Neutrals -- observers who watch, hold space, but don’t judge.

[If there is a fifth kind of being, this would likely include those who don't restrict the number of beings to only four kinds.]

It would appear that the existence of Light and Dark Beings who perceive of their work as maintaining balance (between the light and the dark) would suggest that the designation “dark” implying “evil” is inappropriate.  In other words, don’t worry about it.  Be happy.           

Or as Leo Sprinkle [4] has said: “The arrival of extraterrestrials does not imply war or invasion.  It’s worse than that!  It implies Education!”  ‘Nuff said.  

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[1]  Boylan, Richard, Lecture at the Star Knowledge Conference, Lakota Indian Reservation, South Dakota, June, 1996.

[2]  Melchizedek, Drunvalo, Lecture at the Star Knowledge Conference, Lakota Indian Reservation, South Dakota, June, 1996.

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