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July 20th

Updated 22 August 2003

Updated 20 September 2009

Richard Hoagland <http://www.enterprisemission.com/lib7.htm> has observed that July 20th appears to have some sort of ritualistic significance to, among others, NASA. 

July 20, 1969, for example, is the date Apollo 11 landed on the Moon and man took his first steps on another world.  It is also the date that Viking I achieved another human first: the first successful unmanned landing on Mars in 1976.  The U.S.'s Clementine space craft, after spending two months photographing the Moon, was ejected out of an Earth-Moon orbit -- probably on its way to Mars -- on July 20, 1994.  July 20th is also the date of a “Flashback” segment in 1999 of CNN’s “Headline News” in illustrating the Viking I mission by showing images of the “Face of Mars” and the day of George Bush’s announcement in 1989 regarding his dramatic 30-year plan for a Space Exploration Initiative culminating in a manner Mars landing,

Virgil I. “Gus” Grissom’s orbital flight in 1961 occurred near the July 20th date (after the launch was delayed because of bad weather, and 38 years later to the day, the capsule was raised from the floor of the Atlantic ocean just north of the Bahamas.  The otherwise successful flight had been marred by the capsule’s hatch opening prematurely, and the capsule flooding with sea water prior to being hoisted by an attendant helicopter.  

On other fronts, on July 20, 1964, the Russian deep space probe, Zond 3, sent back the first photos of the dark side of the Moon.  Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 hit Jupiter the week of the 16th through the 23rd of July 1994 -- the biggest chunk 'splashing down' on the 25th anniversary of the moon landing.  On July 20th of that same year, a crop circle  appeared overnight in customary fashion which seemed to mimic the Jupiter incident.  The following year, on July 22nd, the Hale-Bopp comet was discovered.  July 20th is also included in the Mayan Calendar corresponding to “days out of time”. 

Is there a pattern here?  But it becomes even more curious.  On July 20, 1956, a group called the Prieure‘ de Sion, a secret society allegedly derived from the Knights Templar, and who may have had access to all manner of esoteric knowledge from the ancients -- including, supposedly, ‘the art of Khem’ (Alchemy) -- officially registered themselves with the French Government.  In effect, they came out of the closet after some 850 years of secrecy.  There’s been speculation that many of the significant events surrounding July 20th were calculated to commemorate this 'coming out' party."  Is there, accordingly, a link between NASA and the Prieure' de Sion and its descendants?

Astoundingly Jupiter was apparently hit again on... you guessed it... July 20, 2009. Or at least that's when an amateur astronomer, named Anthony Wesley of Australia, noticed that a new dark "scar" had suddenly appeared on Jupiter. This was duly noted by NASA, but their article on the subject ascribed the coincidence with the Apollo 11 and Shoemaker Levy events as "amazing"... but otherwise not to be given any further consideration in its timing. [NASA may also have assumed without due consideration that the scar was due to an cometary impact, instead of an ejection zone... as in Jupiter giving birth to something. The latter is a bit more extraordinary, but there is the tradition that refuses to give up the ghost to the effect that Jupiter's Great Red Spot maybe the birthmark of the Planet Venus. The sagas continue.]

Robert Temple, in The Sirius Mystery, has noted: “In my opinion, a mind is healthy when it can perform symbolic acts within mental frameworks which are not immediately obvious. A mind is diseased when it no longer comprehends this kind of linkage and refuses to acknowledge any basis for such symbolic thinking.  The twentieth century specializes in producing diseased minds of the type I refer to - minds which uniquely combine ignorance with arrogance.   The twentieth century’s hard core hyper rationalist would deride a theory of correspondences in daily life and ritual as ‘primitive superstition’. However, the rationalist’s comment is not one upon symbolic thinking but upon himself, acting as a label to define him as one of the walking dead.”  

Graham Hancock, in his book, The Mars Mystery -- The Secret Connection Between Earth and the Red Planet, has said: “Still, we cannot deny that the act of placing a  tetrahedral object on Mars at latitude 19.5o contains all the necessary numbers & symbolism to qualify as a ‘message received’ signal in response to the geometry of Cydonia.  Moreover, such a game of mathematics & symbolism is precisely what we would expect if NASA were being influenced by the type of occult conspiracy that Hoagland, for one, is always trying to espouse.” [1]  

July 20th may in itself be only a small portion of a much larger picture.  Symbolic dates continue to garner our attention, ranging from 9-11-2001 to Friday the 13th (the latter, according to Immanuel Velikovsky, the date of the passing of the Angel of Death over Egypt and resulting in the “chosen” child of each Egyptian family dying).  

Ancient traditions have combined ritual dates with everyday life in a host of different ways -- from the inherent underlying meanings of the Days of the Week to festival dates for various Gods and Goddesses to equinoxes and solstices (with temples and religious sites being oriented with respect to the appropriate sunrise/sunset times).  To deny, as Robert Temple points out above, the significance of dates and correlations during the course of a year is simply a classic example of burying one’s head in the sand for fear of having to admit to a power not easily (if at all) manipulated by an arrogant science.  

July 20th and other dates are, after all, merely points on an imaginary circle/eclipse which correlates with other dates via elements of Sacred Geometry, Astrology, and all manner of other strange creatures, whose validity keeps cropping up experientially (and despite the apparent lack of a coherent, widely accepted theory to account for it).  In essence, the universe is geometrical, and the Harmony of the Spheres rule!

In terms of the future, on July 20, 2005, the planets Saturn and Chiron will be in their fifth opposition of the 21st Century in the signs of Leo and Aquarius -- degrees symbolized by the key words, 'conflagration' and 'concretization of an ideal'.  The two solar symbols for July 20th itself are 'Inner rebirth through a total acceptance of the primordial values manifest in the human body and its natural functions', and 'The intuitive weighing of alternatives'." [2]  There may indeed be drama afoot when the "Maverick" once again opposes the "Establishment"!  Stay tuned!


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[1]  <http://www.enterprisemission.com/table_of_coincidence.htm>

[2] Dane Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases, Vintage Books, Random House, New York, 1974.



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