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Gregorian Conspiracies?

A pro-conspiracy view is that the institutionalization of the Gregorian Calendar at the end of the sixteenth century was accompanied by the perfection of a mechanical clock and an unprecedented consolidation of European global political power.  In this complex of events, an artificial 12:60 timing frequency was established as the unconscious timing principle governing the dominant human Consciousness.  By 1618 A.D., 36 years after the Gregorian Calendar reform, the source of all of modern science, the European scientific revolution was being launched.  The entire premise of this revolution was unconsciously conditioned and shaped by the artificial 12:60 timing frequency.  

The “artificial 12:60 timing frequency” has nothing at all to do with any “natural rhythms” present in the world; nothing to do with Nature; does not recognize or acknowledge any “higher authority” than itself.  “Punching the timeclock” became a ritual of obeisance to this artificial timing overlay; a “pledge of allegiance” to this imposed man-made structure by which corporations run the lives of their employees and customers.  

Was this system put in place, consciously to displace the more natural system?  There is no reason to think so; yet the effect is the same -- to do away with any relevance in human affairs of more natural cycles and rhythms, including the 28-day lunar cycle that would give us 13 months instead of 12 each year.  By the Gregorian calendar, there's no pulse, no rhythm, that relates to the phases of the moon, so those phases appear to have no relevance to our living.  

Likewise, some folks speak of a 4-day cycle; 4 doesn't fit smoothly into a 7-day week, but it does fit perfectly into a 28-day month.  By the 4-day pattern, there are days well-suited to Beginnings, to Growth, to Healing, and to Peace and Completeness.  By the 7-day pattern, there are 5 days suited to Work, one to Recreation, and one to Worship or Rest -- just different enough to obscure our awareness of the existence of another rhythm we might align with and perhaps disproportionately heavy with allegiance to the company and to productivity.  

It's been suggested that this artificial imposition of rhythm on human living, and the corollary idea that “time is money”, together produce or allow human beings to conceive of a great deal of activity that is intrinsically unethical and/or immoral.  It conditions human consciousness to believe the Clock is King, and Nature is irrelevant or at least insufficiently relevant to be turned to in its natural state for provision of anything needful for human survival -- and thus, the idea that “Man must conquer Nature” for the sake of survival itself exists in the minds of some, perhaps the minds of most.  

Mechanical time displaces our awareness of rhythms that are greater than our own human activity, and leaves us disbelieving that there is Magic anywhere to be found.  Human beings trample on daisies as a direct result of this, perhaps.  It may be no trivial matter at all to entertain the idea of restoring consciousness of natural rhythms to human affairs.   

The con-conspiracy reply is that “One might wonder if much of the discussion about time, calendar numbering, and the like has to do with the current advocacy by Mayan Calendar enthusiasts that the only thing that will save mankind (and supposedly womankind inasmuch as saving mankind without womankind would be a contradiction in terms), is a return to the 13/20 calendar system (which in terms of questionable natural qualities may be near the top of the list).”  

Why is the 12:60 timing unnatural?  The Earth-Moon distance is 60 times the radius of the Earth.  “12” is considered the most holy number of heaven (“7” is the most holy on earth).  Meanwhile “5” is the symbol of life in Sacred Geometry (fundamental to Phi-lo-Sophia) and connects 12 to 60 in an obvious way.           

There are other connections.  360 is obviously close to the number of days of the year (and may have been the actual number of days of the year in ancient times -- based on evidence from dates prior to about 1500 BCE).  But it gets ever more interesting.  360 can be divided evenly by all of the digits (other than 7) -- whereas 100 can only be divided evenly by 4 of the digits (instead of 8 digits for 360).  360 is also connected with 60 -- the number of degrees in an astrological sextile -- while of course, 12 is the number of zodiacal signs, houses and so forth.  

Also, two times 360 is 720 which is 6! (i.e. 6x5x4x3x2x1).  Three times 360 is 1080, which is the number of degrees in a regular octagon, and the radius of the Moon in miles. Three times 720 is 2160, the diameter of the Moon and 1/12th the number of years in the Precession of the Axes (25,920) of the Earth.  The sum of 720+1080+2160 equals 3960, the radius of the Earth in miles.  Meanwhile, 7! (7x6x5x4x3x2x1) is 5040, which is the sum of the radii of the Earth and Moon in miles.  Also 12!/8! equals 11,880, the sum of the Earth radius and diameter in miles.  All of these numbers reduce to 9, as does, of course, 360.  You can even point out that 13!/9! less 12!/8! equals 5,280, the number of feet in a mile.  So there!  


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