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Covert Activity

Given any scenario of a continuing struggle between Enki and Enlil forces or Factions, a fundamental goal of any covert activity by an anti-Enki, anti-human faction might be to place limits on mankind and create obstacles in their individual and societal development.  This could be done by outlaw governments, Transnational Corporations, Conspiracies, and other agencies doing their best to:  

                        1)  Misdirect scientific inquiry from any science or scientific progress which threatens to free man from limitations and hardship.  Quickly classify and remove from the public sector any innovative scientific breakthroughs which threaten the status quo.  This includes, for example, anything to do with breakthroughs in Superconductivity, Zero-Point Energy, The Fifth Element, Connective Physics, Sacred Geometry, etceteras.  

                        2)  Limit political and personal freedoms by corruptions of the law (from excessive legislation to blatant violations of any freedom-based constitution).  Such as the aftermath of 9-11-2001.  

                        3)  Impose financial and other restrictions on individuals through the means of governmental and corporate tyrannies.  (E.g. Corporate Rule)  

                        4)  Maintain control over the masses by the restriction of knowledge, inquiry and education into anything not “approved” by the overlords.  Impose intolerance on all independent and philosophical thought. [See Media, Education, or Inter Net.]  

                        5)  Degrade the health of individuals (and thus the ability to resist the covert control) by destroying food values and increasing environmental toxins.  

                        6)  Distract individuals (via a Work Ethic, TV dramas, manipulated media) from their true business at hand, i.e. transforming themselves into truly sovereign beings.  

                        7)  And engage in whatever conspiracy will accomplish the overlords’ aims (including manufacturing bogus sub-conspiracies so as to discredit all other conspiracies).  

It’s been said that one should never attribute to conspiracy what can be explained by greed and incompetence.  However, a conspiracy which utilizes greed and incompetence (and the unknowing cooperation of the greedy and incompetent) as a means of accomplishing the greater conspiracy’s aims, is a very dangerous conspiracy indeed!   


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