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Variations on a Theme

One of the traditional symbols of mysticism’s the Tree of Life [from the Ha Qabala is the Lightening Flash.  This is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 -- The Lightening Flash

The traditional Lightening Flash (shown in red) may be a false indicator, however, in that it does not follow a path of planets, as determined by their distance from Earth.  [Or at least, in this site’s version.]  There is also the fact the flash is not three dimensional.

Another question is the use of straight lines (as shown above) to connect the various Sephiroth.  Another version -- advocated herein as being much more accurate -- is shown below (and to the left sidebar) by the Halexandria version (along with several related aspects to the Tree of Life). (5/31/05)

The idea that the Sephiroth would be connected with straight lines is, after all, really rather naive.  Not only is there a three dimensional aspect being ignored, but the Cycles of nature are far more important than any linear representation.  The world is not flat!  It is the cycles that demonstrate the connectedness of the planets, the Harmony of the Spheres, not the failed and horribly inept linear attempts, such as Bode’s Law, to explain where the orbits of planets ought to lie.

Note the similarity between the version given by Figure 2, and, for example, the famous “Venus of Willandorf” from the findings of archaeology.  This “Mother Goddess” statute and the representation above seems far more connected esoterically.  The combination is far more appropriate for the Tree of Life, when there is an emphasis on the creating of life!  Each curve is also a representation of cycles, such that the full circles of each would constitute examples of the

The blue lines connecting Daath to the other Sephiroth tend to accentuate the bust of the Goddess, while Tiphareth implies the navel (the original source of nourishment for each and every human being). [The navel is also the point in the human body which divides the height of the body into the Golden Mean.]  Meanwhile, the connecting arcs between Mars, Venus and Mercury emphasize the vagina of the Goddess [the entry point of life], while the abyss and the veil (shown in green) seem stylishly placed as a neck choker and a traditional breast enhancer.  

The Goddess Tree of Life symbolism (i.e. Figure 2) thus adds to the Tree’s symbolism the ingredients of life and nourishment.  This suggests that the human body and this mystical philosophical musing are interconnected -- as they should be in order to contain any degree of real meaning.  The nourishment and life-birthing aspect also includes Star Fire as an integral aspect of the Tree of Life.  [From thence to the ORME.  It’s all connected!]  

Inasmuch as the Return of the Goddess is scheduled for the immediate future (perhaps, December 21, 2012 A.D.), it might be wise to memorize the above.  

Finally, there is the potential for an incorporation of the Tree of Life with the Flower of Life, an ancient concept brought into the public view by Drunvalo Melchizedek [1].  It’s basis is described by Melchizedek’s idea that “all consciousness, including humna, is solely based on sacred geometry.”  Furthermore, “all levels of consciousness in the universe are integrated by a single image in sacred geometry.  It is the key to time, space, and dimension as well as consciousness itself... For each level of consciousness there is an associated geometry that completely defines how that specific level of consciousness will interpret the one Reality.”  

The Flower of Life may be thought of in that regard as seven interlocking circles, each connection between two circles representing a vesica pisces, and with the seven circles being the most compact, structurally stable formation for a group of circles.  [Try carrying any number of equal sized cyclinders, other than seven, in your hands, and find out what I mean.  (Albeit, 14, 22... also work.)]  In essence, according to Drunvalo, the Flower of Life is the pattern of creation -- and thus the perfect complement to the Tree of Life.  

(6/1/05) There is also a Seed of Life, which (naturally) evolves into the Flower of Life. There is also, according to ka-gold just linked, a natural further evolution into the various Platonic Solids. Sacred Geometry can thus be said to be a growth industry.

Figures 2 and 3 show the coincidence of the Tree of Life and the Flower of Life, as well as the Tree of Life in a stand alone position, but where the “paths” between Sephiroth are shown within the power corridors of the vesica pisces. 


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[1]  Drunvalo Melchizedek, The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Volumes 1 and 2, Light Technology Publishing, Flagstaff, Arizona, 1990-2000.


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