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Dem Wid de Gold

The ORME, or White Powder of Gold, has the potential for immense and wondrous improvements to the quality of life of those willing to undertake the pre-requisites.   

But what if the ORME, or any of its equivalents, became the patentable property rights of corporations, who could in turn, legally -- by force of governmental law-enforcement agencies and Corporate Politics -- withhold the use of the precious substance to anyone unwilling to pay the selling price?  The exorbitant selling price?  In such a scenario, the idea of Corporate Rule takes on a whole new dimension.  [Pardon the pun]  

Alternatively, if corporations simply controlled the basic raw material, i.e. the Gold or the Precious Metals from whence the ORME could be derived...  Then the essential access to the white powder of gold -- with its multiple, beneficial health and transformative effects... This might also be denied, except for the right price, or even the case of having to know the right person, or agree to abide by certain restrictions... Like Slavery... Just in order to gain access to what could easily become the Elixir of Life.  

Any of such scenarios sounds like the Mother of all Conspiracies!  

On the one hand, governments throughout the world have already debased their currencies by going from a gold (or other precious metal) standard -- in which their currency (Dollar, Pound, Deutsch Mark, Yen, or whatever) has been backed by something of inherent value (such as gold) -- to a coin or currency of “colorable” money.  Colorable is legally defined as “counterfeit, feigned, or having the appearance of truth”, and thus the currencies of the world governments have the common connection of being without value or being backed by anything of value.  The money in circulation is fundamentally counterfeit.  

Inasmuch as the gold that the governments have held all these long centuries is no longer needed for the purpose of legitimizing their currencies -- the people having been singularly misled as to accepting notices of debt instead of gold or silver certificates -- it makes sense that those same governments, especially when hard pressed for some ready cash, would not hesitate to sell off their gold reserves for Dollars, Pounds and so forth.  These gold bullion sales are being done on a regular basis, with gold sold to the highest bidder.  

The highest bidders in all these gold sales are inevitably Transnational Corporations, knowledgeable consortiums, and informed individuals -- all well-connected entities.   They are buying the nation’s true wealth, their gold.  [And of course, they are buying the gold at below market prices!]  The relevant question is, “Why?”  Not why give the corporations another good deal, but why sell at all?  In attempting to answer this question, this strange situation in which governments are gold sellers and corporations are gold buyers, one should heed the advice, “Follow the money”.  Alternatively, because money is but a means to power, we might advise, perhaps more accurately, “Follow the power”.  

Allegedly, the  taking of the white powder of gold, the ORME, facilitates the creation of Superconductivity within individuals.  This provides the means by which all manner of healing can be accomplished -- and is being intensively researched.  If the ORME and the white powder of gold can be used to improve the health and well being of those willing to partake of it, then, from a commercial viewpoint, this means the people wealthy enough (or powerful enough) to purchase the end products, the cures, and the Food of the Gods will be the beneficiaries.  Not necessarily anyone else.  

But the precious metals are also the essential raw materials in a new breed of fuel cells; devices which transform environmental energy into practical usable energy, typically in the form of electricity.  The essential new wrinkle is that the “environment” can be translated more accurately in terms of the vacuum, or Zero-Point Energy!  In effect, the new face of energy will ultimately be based on the ORME and its raw material (Precious Metals, which include: gold, silver, platinum, rhodium, ruthenium, palladium, iridium, and osmium).  Clearly, whoever controls the precious metals -- a control already in existence for most of the big eight precious metals -- also controls the future energy of the world.  Buying up the nations’ gold is simply gaining ever greater control.  

Corporations have recognized the increasing value of gold (as well as the other precious metals), particularly now that the raw material is being viewed as the stock for “the white powder of gold”, the ORME.  As this recognition increases, then it makes total sense that energy and pharmaceutical companies will be the major buyers on the large scale sale of any and all precious metals.   

Besides energy and health, food and water will always be in demand as well.  But food and water are ultimately just part of the energy/health chain, wherein those with production and distribution powers will control the products that flow through their channels.  Gold is part of the process here as well; e.g. the ancient Chinese used to boil their rice with a gold coin in the pot for the health benefits.  Obtaining clean, fresh water is rapidly becoming an energy issue, inasmuch as only by expending energy can clean, fresh water be obtained from salt water or water which has been contaminated by natural or artificial means.  

Any large, transnational corporation or group can get into the gold buying frenzy if only because all purchases of gold will still amount to an excellent investment.  If ultimately, the only way energy and real health (as well as food and water) can be obtained is by purchasing product(s) from corporate sellers, then the corporations with the gold, silver, and precious metals will have the ultimate monopoly and can thereafter assure themselves of a guaranteed market.  More insidious still is the fact they can foist off on the general public, watered-down versions of the health portion, and keep the genuine, good stuff for themselves and their friends.  

It’s probably worth pointing out that the price of gold has not increased with inflation over the last twenty or thirty years.  An explanation of this phenomena likely involves a long-term understanding and a great deal of patience on the part of individuals and groups in gradually gathering power unto themselves and their small cadre of co-conspirators.  

Another possible reason for the transfer of wealth in the form of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, and the like) from governments to corporations is that there is an indirect, covert transfer of power from governments to corporations.  Governments are part of this power transfer, because the individuals in government responsible for such activities are being paid off by the corporations.  Corporations are involved because they gain power; and ultimately, the corporations themselves are more easily controlled by a few individuals on the basis of per share voting, while the democratic ideal of per shareholder voting is “inefficient”.   In effect, The Golden Rule becomes: “Dem Wid de Gold, makes de rules”.  

The important point is that with the transfer of gold to their coffers, corporations will be, ultimately, in a position to create their own currencies -- perhaps in this case currencies backed with precious metals.  Actually, the corporations with the gold need not call their gold power a currency.  Instead, they will just call them calories, kilowatts, and doses.  

It all sounds a bit bleak.  However, one possibility for individuals to avoid this future is for the person without the connections to corporate power and wealth, to reclaim his or her rights.  Individual Sovereignty may include as an absolutely essential ingredient a personal ability to prepare private supplies of the white powder of gold.  Such aspiring individuals will need both the know-how of transforming gold into the white powder, the equipment to do so, and a supply or source of the “raw” gold.  In effect, those who plan ahead (and do all of their homework) can be free -- “Ye shall know the truth (on how to make the stuff), and the truth (the stuff) shall set ye free.”  On the other hand, the vast majority of individuals are likely to be either too lazy, too inclined to bury their heads in the sand, too attuned to the current paradigm, or a combination of all three.  These individuals will thus be controlled as necessary by “dem wid the gold.”  Such is the way of the world.  

In the study of the ORME, it might be noted that gold and silver are not necessarily the ideal elements used in accomplishing the superconductivity thing.  For example, Rhodium and Iridium seem to have a significant place in the scheme of things as well.  (In fact, the cost of rhodium is roughly ten times that of gold on a per ounce basis!  Perhaps there’s a reason.)  The relevant question is where does one obtain rhodium and iridium?   

One answer is from the earth, and one clever means is from grapes.  The grapevine roots go very deep into the earth (deeper than any other harvestable crop), and that’s where the rhodium and iridium are located.  Volcanoes are also a good source (albeit inconvenient). Crops grown downwind of prior volcanic explosions have shown remarkable productivity after the initial devastation of the volcanic eruption and the fallout of ash and smoke.  

Another ray of hope might be the Indigo Children coming of age, who may have brought along with them a wholly different agenda.  Now, if they can just remember it; and some where in The Public Education Nightmare, we don’t teach it out of them.  

For the rest of us (the “blues”, “greens”, “yellows”, and the like), there is perhaps one more alternative.  Just as in the movie of the same name, we may be able to save the Earth from imminent destruction (in this case the problem coming from within, and there being no need for any extraterrestrial bad guys)... We can save the day, if we again turn to... The Fifth Element!  Siriusly.  

In the treatise on Consciousness, it was speculated The Fifth Element’s third derivative might be construed as being able to achieve the same end results as the ORME.  The jury is still out on this subject, but the possibilities cannot be readily denied.  Perhaps it’s a bit like learning to ride a bike.  With someone holding the bike upright, it’s straight-forward.  But then when they let it go, and you’re on your “Orme”, you can still make it, particularly with a little practice.  The next obvious step is to eliminate the need for the bike, and fly by means of the third derivative!  

Meanwhile, to gather a better perspective on this modern day “gold rush”, read Laurence Gardner ’s Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark; Amazing Implications of the Incredible Power of Gold, HarperCollins, London, 2003.  


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