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Anonymous, The Age of V

  New - 20 July 2011

“Anonymous" or "Anon” is one of those comparatively little known phenomena that has the potential to make a lot of waves... of the tsunami variety.

According to the Mainstream Press/Media, Anon is a cabal... or possibly, a gang, pride, exaltation, or other designation commonly referred to as groupies of some particular species. Furthermore, the Media gang alleges that Anon were a bunch of "hackers" who found the attacks against Wikileaks to be unconscionable and thus began a series of retaliations against the various co-conspirators of the attacking forces. [The Media did not actually call the Wikileaks attackers, co-conspirators... I did.]

[Of course, if the Media had any real imagination, they would not refer to Anon as a group of hackers... but as a crash of hackers... as in a crash of rhinos. Think, guys! For Pete's sake!]

On the other hand, contrary to the Media's assertions, the Anonymous website claims that:

“Anonymous is not a group or entity. It is not you, nor me, nor any single person. Anonymous is an idea. Those who identify themselves with Anonymous share the common idea of freedom and a world free of oppression. Anything that stands between the people and these freedoms is target to severe scrutiny and activism.”

Well, that’s a relief! No dues, or memberships! And most importantly, you don’t have to be a hacker... even if you do get to revel vicariously in what the #hacktivists might be accomplishing.... especially against the "target" of said activism.

“Anon” might also be described in part by their constant refrain:

We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not Forgive
We do not Forget
Expect Us

Okay... that doesn’t really provide all the details and possibilities one might like... other than possibly that lingering sense of doom associated with unforgiving, unforgetting expected legions... coming from who know where!

A brief... albeit possibly biased... compilation of news reports on the Anon Crash (i.e., the #hacktivists wing of Anonymous) are included in the YouTube Video, entitled “What Are We Capable Of? This video is really very well done (cinematically and presentation wise), and provides an excellent introduction into: 1) what the Anon Crash is in fact capable of, and 2) the first indications of what they refer to as “The Plan”. You really should view the video; it’s only about 14 minutes long, and we will be happy to wait for you while you watch.


Back already? I’ll bet your were impressed. No? Well... one does have to have an open mind.

You could have noticed, for example, some rather astounding possibilities. On the one hand is the suggestion that a critical ingredient in the overall problem is us... as perhaps indicated in the famous, Hey, Hey, We’re the Monkeys. On the other hand, is the many albeit oblique references to the 2006 movie, V for Vendetta -- and ultimately to Gay Fawkes Night. There are also some brief hints of the 1999 movie, Matrix.

Obviously, this is not a Mary Poppins kind of group... crash... idea.

The overpowering assumption of the Anon Crash aspect is that some are suggesting the radical idea that the power of the people can indeed be heard... as, for example, in the sound of computer networks and websites crashing with a resounding thud (and followed by cries of anguish from various anal retentives. Inasmuch as it’s the elite’s websites that are crashing... there is plenty of room for smiles for those who have been victimized by the many and varied unethical, immoral, and illegal actions by multi-national (and local) corporations, governments, Aristocracies the world over, and all those nasty Gargantuan Co-Conspirators running amuck in the world. It’s a very appealing plot... if not for a movie... then for a movement.

One cannot fault such people's sense of outrage. These same complaints have in fact, pretty much gone mainstream. For example, The New York Times in an editorial [1] has written:

“Access to the Internet is a human right. Yet it is increasingly under attack around the world, even from democratic governments.” “China ‘jails bloggers, block websites, and filters the Internet to eradicate words, including democracy...” “An Italian court convicted Google executives because a user uploaded a YouTube video that depicted cruelty toward a disabled teen. Brazil is considering a bill that would grant authorities broad access to its citizens’ online activities without a court order. France and Britain have passed ‘draconian laws that would ban users from the Internet for illegally downloading copyrighted material.’ And now the U. S. Senate is debating an overly broad intellectual property bill of its own. This is censorship under other guises. Internet service providers shouldn’t be held liable for content, nor should users be required to reveal their identities. We can’t let government undermine the Internet as ‘a fundamental tool for enabling free speech.’”

Obviously, Anonymous is not alone is hoping to protect the Internet... it’s just that the Anon Crash might be ever so slightly more proactive in that regard.

The schedule of festivities appear to be using June 15, 2011 as their kick off date for a year of fun-filled and eventful activities. The fact that this date is also the date for a lunar eclipse, one sandwiched by two solar eclipses on June 1st and July 1st... is probably notable.

There is also the July 30 New moon date for a giant, virtual and peaceful revolution of spreading the word that Anon is real and is a force with which the Establishment must contend. Flyers, PR, blog, Facebook, etceteras. This is what is happily referred to as Operation Onslaught.

Curiously, a Sabian symbolism for this new moon is: “The emotional and ideological attempt to return to a state of non-differentiation and chaos as a prelude to a new type of order.” Yeah... well that should be sufficiently pregnant with enough ideas to keep most of us preoccupied... just prior to reading the rest. “The old order is confronted by the youthful drive for a new way of life and a new sense of values. As the old order refuses to yield its prerogatives, this refusal polarizes violent revolutionary action. The revolution may have beautiful dreams of a ‘classless’ society free from greed and harsh struggles for survival, but the first practical result of his activity almost inevitably appears as ‘chaos’. Yet chaos is a state of being that calls for a new descent of the power to reorganize and differentiate. Also, such a descent most often is still based on old concepts, and one witnesses a struggle for personal and dictatorial power. Ideally, this could show how the vision of a cosmic order might heal the potential conflict between an obsolete Establishment and its youthful challengers. But reality today presents a more cruel picture of CATABOLIC ACTION.” [2]

But don’t let the “Onslaught” bit put you off... I’m certain there will be plenty of popcorn for everyone. Of course, they may be a run on V for Vendetta masks, so you might want to get yours as early as possible.

And after all of this is done, then there’s... roughly November, for Phase II.

Meanwhile, for those with the inclination to do so can always visit Anon’s website and sign up with them, as well as the CIA, FBI, NSF, ONI, KGB, MI-5, MI-7, and MI-34... and just about every other intelligence [sic] agency that is wondering what the heck these guys/gals really want. The address is:


Be warned: There is REALLY a lot going on there.


[1] “Keeping speech free on the Internet,” The Week, July 15, 2011, page 34.
[2] Dane Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases, Vintage Books, Random House, New York, 1974, page 136.


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