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Essiac is an herbal remedy originally provided by an Ojibway herbalist to treat tumors and/ or cancer.  Western Medicine discovered the formula via a Canadian nurse named Rene Caisse -- and thus the name (i.e., Caisse spelled backwards).  Nurse Caisse used the remedy for some sixty years, treating hundreds of people, most of whom came to her on referral with letters from their physicians certifying they had incurable or terminal forms of cancer, and that they had been given up by the medical profession as untreatable.



The information contained within the pages of this website is for educational purposes only.  Nothing set forth herein is intended to be medical advice or able to be construed as such.  This discussion is private in entirety and non-negotiable between the parties.  Anyone acting on any of the contents herein does so solely on the basis of her or his own volition and at his or her own risk.  Everyone has the duty and absolute right to think, evaluate, research, learn, and act autonomously.  Inasmuch as Medicine and Law equate to the “right” to use potentially deadly force (destructive violence), it would appear prudent for anyone to refrain from adopting any course of action without first understanding the basis and reasons thereof and how to defend it if challenged.


Essiac is composed of four herbal remedies:  Sheep sorrel (Rumex acetosella) -which destroys the cancer cells - burdock root (Arctium lapa), rhubarb root (Rheum palmatum), and the inner bark of slippery elm (Ulmus fulva); the latter three being blood purifiers.  A critical factor, therefore, is to destroy the cancer cell and then remove the waste from the body via the circulatory system.  

Rene Caisse gathered the four plants, prepared the herbal remedy in her own kitchen, and administered Essiac both orally and by injection.  Elisabeth Robinson [1] wrote:  “In cases where there was severe damage to life support organs, her [Rene’s] patients died - but they lived far longer than the medical profession had predicted, and, more significantly, they lived free of pain.  Still others, listed as hopeless or terminal, but without severe damage to life support organs, were cured and lived 35-45 years (many are still living).”  

The effectiveness of the treatment was so dramatic, that eventually former patients and grateful families petitioned the Canadian Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Canadian Parliament to allow the administering of the remedy to anyone who asked for it, without the threat of interference from authorities.  In 1938, Essiac was almost approved, but failed by a mere three votes to become a legalized remedy for terminal cancer patients.  Furthermore, the Canadian government then immediately banned the sale and distribution of Sheep Sorrel, the key herbal ingredient in the remedy!   

In July 1991, the Canadian Journal of Herbalism published, “Old Ontario Remedies”, about Essiac.  The article [2] concluded that “Essiac is not a hoax or a fraud.  ...dramatic and beneficial changes definitely took place in many but not all of those who received the remedy.  Although the focus on Essiac has been as a cancer treatment, it alleviated and sometimes cured many chronic and degenerative conditions because it cleanses the blood as well as the liver and strengthens the immune system.”  The article also warned of high oxlic acid content in two of the herbs, making the remedy unsafe for persons with kidney ailments or arthritic conditions.  

Dr. Charles A. Brusch, at one time the personal physician to President John F. Kennedy, worked with Rene Caisse from 1959 to 1962.  After ten years of research, he concluded, “Essiac is a cure for cancer, period.  All studies done at laboratories in the United States and Canada support this conclusion.”  Whereupon the federal government put a gag order on Dr. Brusch -- coupled with the threat of going to a military prison for Dr. Brusch if he violated the gag order -- and we heard no more from him.  

Prior to the gag order, Brusch indicated that Essiac was a detoxifying solution, whose purge-life effects included:  increased urination and evacuation, discharges of great masses of cottage-cheese-like materials, feelings of light and energy re-entering the body, and a sense of restored cleanliness and purity.  According to animal tests conducted at the Brusch Medical Center, “one of the dramatic effects of taking this remedy was its affinity for drawing all the cancer cells, which had spread, back to the original site, at which point the tumor would first harden, then later it would soften, until it vanished altogether or, more realistically, the tumor would decrease in size to where it could then be surgically removed with minimal complications.” [1] 

“In certain cases and at certain stages of the disease, the cancer would act as if it were ‘coming to a head’, similar to an abscess.  It would then break down and slough away.  These people all reported that when the mass breaks, it isn’t like puss but like a cottage cheese substance that comes away.  Still other types will enlarge until the mass is localized, then loosen and reduce in size until there is nothing left, having been absorbed into and carried off by the blood stream and body waste.” [1]  

A form of Essiac is available today under the brand name, “Flor Essence”.  According to the manufacturers of this alternative, “Most disease (dis-ease) is a result of toxic buildup throughout the system, especially the colon.  Once the body is in a toxic condition it is susceptible to any number of health problems, ranging all the way from cancer to a simple headache.”  Flor Essence (1-206-354-2110) has available, among other things, a “prostate/ urinary tract herbal formula” which has been “used with great success through the years and is also known to enhance the cleansing action -- discharge of toxins.”  

Personal experience makes one a believer in Essiac (Flor Essence, Virginia’s E-tonic, et al), even if the pure experimental process was hindered by the additional use of colonics, change in life style (and attitude), juice fasts, and prayer -- to name just a few complicating factors.  But the combination worked amazingly well!  The combination of Health and Responsibility is a dynamic duo in combating any affliction!  


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[1] Dr. Gary L. Glum, Essiac: Nature’s Cure for Cancer, article available from: 5250 West Century Blvd., Suite 614, Los Angeles, CA 90045]

[2] Ontario Herbalists Association, M.M. Pimentel MH, 7 Alpine Ave., Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6P 3R6.



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