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The Me

In the Sumerian literature are the descriptions of The Me, “the holy laws of heaven and earth.”  In one particular tale, the goddess, Inanna, decides to obtain for her followers The Me from her maternal grandfather, Enki.  She does this by getting him thoroughly drunk, and skirting off with the goods.  Enki apparently tries to stop her, but fails.  At the same time, however, there is the very real possibility that Enki had determined all along to give Inanna The Me, but went through the pretence in order to avoid the wrath of the other gods and godesses, i.e., the Anunnaki.  Regardless of his true motive, however, The Me are worthy of mention. 

(2/9/9) Diane Wolkstein and Samuel Noel Kramer, in their book, Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth, describe The Me is the following terms:

"...to keep the cosmic entities and cultural phenomena operating continuously and harmoniously without conflict and confusion, they devised the me -- that set of universal and immutable rules and limits which had to be observed by god and man alike."

They include and/or involve (among other things):  

kingship and priesthood

“the holy measuring rod and line”,

shepherdship, quiver, dagger and sword

loosening and binding of the hair

art of love making, art of prostitution, procreation

truth, the art of being forthright

slanderous and adorning speech

the art of song, resounding musical instruments

arts of power and treachery,

deceit, plundering of cities

lamentations and rejoicings of the heart

the art of kindness

crafts of the wood and copper worker

crafts of the scribe, builder and leather maker

perceptive ear, power of attention

holy purification rites

fear, dismay, consternation

kindling and putting out of fire

counseling, giving of judgments, making of decisions

“bitter-toothed lion”

assembled family


the making of beer!  

For what else could any civilization worthy of the name ask?  Obviously, the Sumerian way is based on doing what is right and good -- as opposed to what is allowed by law and/or society.  


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