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Heir Apparent

  Premiered 1 May 2004 (Beltane)


Where there is a great deal at stake


An Original Novel


Daniel Sewell DocPtah Ward

Copyright 1990, 1993, 2004 by Dan Sewell Ward


Oh, what a tangled web we weave (pardon the pun)...

When a Great Patriarch prepares to step down,

And leave to his children...

His lovers, his ex-wives, his paramours,

And most anyone in sight with a vested interest...

The choice(s) of who takes over next,

Of who becomes the new Power.


And oh what a tangled web we indeed weave,

With such diverse and assertive expectations,

On the parts of so many,

Apparent heirs to the throne.


Heir Apparent is a fictional account of the archetypes of gods and goddesses, imps, fairies and some rather pleasant and/or obnoxious creatures.  It is a time when the hierarchy under which they have lived and prospered and tolerated is suddenly and covertly thrown into disarray.  The unimaginable has happened, the ultimate patriarchy is besieged, and all of the agendas -- hidden for so long -- are at last encouraged to show themselves.  But one should never assume that it’s simply going to be business as usual.  It won’t be.

Heir Apparent incorporates within the storyline over 125 fictionalized characters.  This number includes those characters involved directly in the action, as well as those to whom reference is made (e.g. relatives and others who contribute to the background of the plot).  Virtually everyone of these characters is taken from Mythology-- primarily Greek.  Thus each character is a fictionalized, modern-day version of the mythological individual and/or creature.  The main characters of the storyline -- with one very notable exception -- are all Archetypes of the Greek Olympian gods and goddesses.

For those readers with limited familiarity with the myths and mythological gods and goddesses of Greek and other mythologies, an Appendix is included in this novel which briefly summarizes each of the novel characters' with their respective archetype or other mythological entity, as well as a few brief notes on certain relevant myths.  The characters and their “identification” are in order of their appearance in the narrative, subdivided into chapters.  Some readers may wish to read each chapter’s character identification prior to reading the respective narratives.  Others may wish to read the Appendix at a later time.

Heir Apparent

                                                  1           The Gauntlet    (July 10th)

                                                  2            Worldwide Enterprises   

                                                  3            Eldest Son

                                                  4            The Return (November 1, 1977; 10:00 am, PST)

                                                  5            The Children (July 10th, later that day)

                                                  6            The Wilds of Nepal (July 11th)  

                                                  7            The Wilds of New York       

                                                  8            A Woman Scorned 

                                                  9            Shaky Ground (July 12th) 

                                                10           Forging Ahead (July 13th) 

                                                11           The Underground                                                  

                                                12           Mother and Daughter (July 14th) 

                                                13           Back to Nature                           

                                                14           Who's Left?                     

                                                15           Inmates and Outmates (July 15th)  

                                                16           Alchemists (July 16th) 

                                                17           Meanwhile, Back at the Campus...   

                                                18           Games (July 17th)  

                                                19           Moon in Aries (July 18th)  

                                                20           An Invitation (July 19th)  

                                                21           Showdown at Longwood (July 20th)

                                                22           Anna      

                                                                Appendix, Character Identification   

                                                                Sources, and Suggested Reading  


Copyright 1990, 1993, 2004 by Dan S. Ward

All rights reserved.  No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical (including photocopying and recording), or by any information storage or retrieval system, except as may be expressly permitted by the 1976 Copyright Act or in writing from the author.  For further information, write the author at 419 Spinnaker Lane, Fort Collins, CO 80525; e-mail: dansward@frii.com.


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