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The very idea of an armed Revolution to address the lawlessness and unconstitutionality of life in the United States of America may seem to be a bit extreme.  In fact, it is extreme.  Possibly even more than “a bit”. Of all the possible choices, armed revolution must be classified as a distant and last resort!  Such revolution, from most all perspectives, is not a good idea.  It is simply not something one does lightly, or without ample justification.  

However, it must be remembered that the freedoms and quality of life that we enjoy in the united States is due to the fact that a couple of hundred years ago, there was a Revolution -- The American Revolution.  The reasons for such an extreme action at that time (by people previously loyal to the Crown of England) is summarized rather succinctly in the Declaration of Independence.  (Or if you prefer the reasons in greater detail, read also the Original Declaration of Independence.)  As for now, what is the distinction between being enslaved by a foreign power and a domestic power -- particularly, if the domestic power may ultimately derive its power from foreign sources?  Even the same source?  

Read the American Declaration of Independence.  Study it.  Consider each word, each phrase, the justification for each statement.  Think about it.   

Do it now.  Take the link(s) above, and then come back.  We’ll wait for you.  

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Note a couple of things in the Declaration of Independence:  

One, the necessity for everyone to assume “the separate and equal Station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them.”  These words are a charge to everyone who reads them.  In other words, take personal charge of your freedom.  Do not presume that someone else will do it for you.  It’s called  Creating Reality!  Yours!  

Two, we are endowed by our “Creator with certain unalienable Rights”.  No government, ruler, monarch, president, attorney general, supreme court, governor, legislature, congress, parliament, or local Gestapo allowed or granted us these rights.  They’re ours, and all of the above cannot take them from us without our individual consent.  Nor can a consenting “majority” take them from us.  

Three, governments derive their powers -- their very existence -- from the “Consent of the Governed.”  We created them!  They should do what we tell them.  And based on the “Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God”, we don’t tell them to create inequality among the governed by creating laws which are biased, prejudicial, racist, chauvinistic, or otherwise.  We don’t allow them to ignore Common Law, or the attributes of Restorative Justice.  We simply stand up for our rights.  We don’t acquiesce to their tyranny.  

Four, we can abolish a government which becomes destructive to our chosen paths.  We have that right.  It may require courage to exercise that right, but such is nature of life.  If we do not have the courage, then it is perhaps only proper that we lose such rights.  

Five, we don’t attempt to abolish and institute a new government on a whim, or without just cause.  But if such cause exists...  If the same reasons exist which caused the founders of our country, i.e. “when a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations... evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Depotism”, then it’s time to take action.  

Does such just cause exist?  Does Corporate Rule, the bribery of elected officials via Corporate Politics, the creation of a Corporate State, the unconstitutional imposition of “colored” Money, the fraud of Social InSecurity, the illegal extension of a State of Emergency, the violation of basic rights and freedoms in allegedly fighting 9-11-2001 terrorism, the essence of Shredding of the Magna Carta, the unreasonable designation of Enemy Combatants, a plethora of potential Conspiracies (including LIHOP) -- to mention only a few crimes...  

Do these actions by our government(s) constitute just cause to initiate a Revolution?  

Clearly, any answer will be a subjective one -- based as likely on experiences in one’s own life and the degree to which they have thus been victimized.  It is curious, however, that one of the principal reasons for the American Revolution which began on July 4, 1776, with the Declaration of Independence, is that the Crown-Chartered Corporations were using monopolistic and other blatant tactics to effectively treat the colonists as slaves.  In today’s world, in what manner does the Corporate Rule and/or Corporate State of the modern world differ -- other than perhaps in sophistication and covert activities?  

But, before anyone goes rushing off to do battle with the powers that be, it might be wise to ask the bottom line question:  In what form should the Revolution be prosecuted?   

In other words, do we really need to use guns?  Isn’t that a bit old-fashioned?  Doesn’t that pretty much play into the hands of governments which have a whole lot more guns, bombs, trained soldiers, etc., than you and your friends could ever hope to challenge?  

If we are truly up to Creating Reality, can we avoid even the necessity for an armed revolution?  Can we dismiss the idea in much the same manner as the little King of The Wizard of Id cartoon strip did, when being informed that “The peasants are revolting!”, replied “They always have been.” Can we do a peaceful, one citizen at a time, revolution?  

In effect, can we for a time do as Mel Gibson’s character in The Patriot did by simply refusing to become involved.  By not allowing their reality to infringe upon our reality; avoiding the possible downside of Intermingled Realties?  It’s a possibility.  But it’s also much the same question as was prompted during Nazi Germany’s efforts to eradicate the Jews, Gypsies, and mentally handicapped.  In other words, do we only become involved when they finally come after us?  

What and when do we do something?   

“When” is probably easy.  As soon as you are convinced of the need.  When they’ve come after you in sufficient degree that it’s become intolerable.   

“What” is harder.  But a non-violent, highly creative approach is probably the best bet.  Sufficiently creative, in fact, that you encourage others to do the same, until it becomes positively the fad!  It’s Creating Reality that is so delightful, that others will want to do likewise.  That, in fact, the “enemy” will begin to wonder why you’re always smiling.  If you are truly Acting the part, it’s amazing what can happily transpire!  

The key is: don’t bother to try to “save others”.  Set an example, and leave it at that!  Otherwise you infringe upon their Free Will.   

‘Nuf said.  


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