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Emergency War Powers

In writing the Constitution for the United States of America, James Madison said that states in order to enhance their power, often resorted to “the old trick of turning every contingency into a resource for accumulating force in the government.”  The idea is to foster an emergency, and then step in to “save the people” by drastically increasing state power.  This is precisely the scenario since 9-11-2001 in the United States , but includes as well the response to droughts, floods, depressions, illicit drugs, acts of war, and so forth.  There is virtually no natural or man-made disaster which cannot be used to garner greater power into the hands of an increasingly greedy-for-power government.  

The United States Bankruptcy of 1861 placed the country under Emergency War Powers (12 Stat 319), a situation which has never been repealed and continues to exist in Title 50 USC Sections 212, 213, 215, Appendix 16, 26 CFR Chapter 1 paragraph 303.1-6(a), and 31 CFR Chapter 5, paragraph 500.701 Penalties.   

To add insult to injury, the United States on October 6, 1917 , passed the Trading with the Enemy Act (H.R. 4960, Public Law 91) -- ostensibly in connection with World War I.  This extraordinary act gave the President immense, unconstitutional authority (particularly over any private ownership of gold and silver), but included within the term, “enemy”, individuals “other than citizens of the United States .”  The Emergency War Powers had been greatly extended, but thus far had not been directed against the people of the United States .  This was not to be the end of the matter, however.  

Just when the citizens thought it was safe to go into the water again, The Amendatory Act of March 9, 1933 was passed, and which included the people of the United States under the definition of “enemy”.  Essentially, “any person within the United States of any place subject to the jurisdiction thereof...”   

This reprehensible act was passed just after Franklin Roosevelt’s inauguration as President of the United States , and significantly at a time when the United States was not in a shooting war with any foreign foe.  Emergency war powers in time of peace may seem to be a contradiction in terms, but not in government (where such paradoxes are legion).  

 The Amendatory Act also made the President a monarch and/or king in everything but name (which might have been okay with Roosevelt ).  It gave the Secretary of the Treasury commensurate powers (with that office -- no longer being a “United States Treasury” -- but reporting directly to the creditors of the bankruptcy).   Finally, the Amendatory Act placed the American people under commercial law (which has been formalized as the Uniform Commercial Code).  The latter action effectively made all citizens “merchants”, entities whose records and affairs were totally subject to inspection and harsh penalties imposed for any violations of Mercantile Law.  Thus the citizens were not only designated as the “enemy” (as in Pogo Possum’s statement: “We have met the Enemy, and they is us.”), they were also merchants and subject to invasive inspection of all their activities.  

The “Bank Holiday” of March 6, 1933 was part and parcel of the Emergency War Powers Act and the actions which followed, and was primarily intended to prevent the continuing and increasing withdrawal of currency and gold from the banks.  This, in effect, was the true national emergency of 1933 (but more an emergency for the bankers than the nation).  

Meanwhile, every President of the United States since Franklin Roosevelt has reaffirmed the “national emergency” and issued Executive Orders under 12 USC 95(a), continuing the US Bankruptcy and “reorganization”.  [Will there be no end to the reorganization?]  Today, things are continuing, with enemies being created everywhere -- from Osama Bin Laden to Saddam Hussein, from Enemy Combatants to you or your neighbor next door.  It is not a comforting thought.  But it’s also true.

The key to alleviating this condition is -- again -- a return to Common Law and the Gold (and/or Silver or Precious Metal) Standard (so that Money again has actual value!), an initiation of  Restorative Justice, the better side of Anarchy, and a peaceful Revolution, and/or Creating Reality which encompasses all of the above -- even if we don’t tell any of the bankers or their minions what we’re doing!  They would not be happy with such a turn of events, and thus why should we darken their day?


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