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Project Independence

Project Independence is an attempt by individuals, groups, communities, and nations to: 1) bypass the multiple incursions into human freedom and the pursuit of happiness by forces seeking control and varied forms of tyranny, and 2) simultaneously create a new, viable process which enforces, empowers, and facilitates the human condition.  

The obstacles – those items, which might help mold the person on The Hero’s Quest, or within the greater scheme of things, the Fool on The Fool’s Journey -- include:  

·        Socialistic Capitalism:  A form of biased capitalism -- which instead of being based upon a marketplace of simple supply and demand -- depends upon the intervention on a continuing basis of governments and the State (via such things as domestic agendas and  American Foreign Policy) in order to support the incompetence, greed, and egomania of top executives in domestic and Transnational Corporations, and simultaneously enrich the corrupted politicians, who for a price provide the fodder for the mill(s).  

·        Banksterism – in the form of The Federal Reserve, the International Monetary Fund, excessive taxation (via, e.g., the Infernal Revenue Service) by governments and States, and the use of colored, valueless, Fiat Currency.  

·        The attempted imposition of a Corporate State – including the use of techniques embodied in Corporate Rule, and Corporate Politics, with the primary agenda being one of control, massive manipulation, and a fattening of the bottom line.  

·        Governmental Corruption:  The unwarranted, excessive use of Executive Orders, the imposition of control-oriented secrecy, the misuse of Emergency War Powers, the deceit surrounding the US Bankruptcy, and the Social InSecurity fraud.  

·        High Level Gangsterism:  The internal corruption of Cartels and Factions within the greater frame of an overall Hierarchy, in which the total lack of responsibility of the powers-that-be manifests in a decreasing quality of life for almost everyone.  

·        And worst of all – The demise of new editions of Far Side, Calvin and Hobbes, and Pogo Possum books, comic strips, and cartoons.  

The litany could go on, but you get the idea.  

However, just as knowing history is critical to avoid repeating it, understanding the state of the world is necessary to avoid continuing the decline we are currently experiencing.  

But understanding the negativities of the state of the world is not dwelling upon them.  As has been often said, “Don’t dwell on faults” (particularly good advice if you live in the State of California).  The only viable alternative to the idea of simply more and more of the same – i.e. Piled Higher and Deeper (as is said of PHDs) -- is to release and let go of the mess, and then begin Creating Reality of a whole new genre.  

From a new constitution, one based on fundamental principles, dedicated to inalienable rights, and cognizant of history and the state of the world, one can map out a plan, one designed for the individual, family, group, community, and ultimately the world.  Included in the planning might well be the use of:  


Common Law and Restorative Justice  


The better parts of Anarchy, and a Republic form of government  


Constitutional principles of Trial By Jury, restricted Government, Jubilee Year provisions, and an acknowledgement of the Seventh Generation  


New Energy Resources and Applications (based on Connective Physics)  


New Transportation forms (unlimited mobility based on Inertial Propulsion, et al)  


Unlimited and out-of-the-box thinking, and  


The Constitution of Halexandria’s values of reverence for life, its diversity and unity, commitment to ecology, sustainable justice, and free will for all sentient beings, and opportunities for expanding human potential, communication, cooperation, and creativity.           

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.  Take it as an individual – i.e. get your act together! – and the rest will follow.  Don’t look back – just in case they aren’t following (or that sort of thing turns you into a pillar of salt).  Just do it.  


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