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Return of the Goddess

There is a force meandering about the world today, which in a host of different cultures, is best described as the belief structure which strongly suggests a scenario of what can only be described as the Return of the Goddess.   

For twenty two thousand years -- give or take a millennia or so -- The Great Goddess was in charge.  Life on the planet was under her bailiwick, and all the archeological evidence of those distant ages suggest it was her rule which predominated.  The evidence suggests that during her reign, there existed a vision of life expressed as a living unity; the perception of a universe.  Life was an organic, living, and sacred whole, wherein humanity, the Earth, and all life on Earth were all woven into a single cosmic web.  

Roughly four thousand years ago, The Great Goddess became associated with “Nature”, a chaotic force to be mastered.  The male God took to the role of conquering or ordering this chaotic Nature into a structured law and order.  The spiritual and physical worlds were separated, and by implication, mind was separated from matter, soul from body, thinking from feeling, intellect from intuition, and reason from instinct.  The Goddess, to all extents and purposes, went underground, dropped out of sight, and retreated behind a dark veil.  The feminine principle, which had manifested in mythology as “the goddess” -- the values placed on spontaneity, feeling, instinct and intuition -- were thus lost as a valid expression of the sanctity and unity of life.  They were not forgotten, perhaps, but they were indeed demeaned, discarded by many, and pushed out of the mainstream.  

The result of this dualism, were things like pollution (which originally meant the profaning of what was sacred), environmental devastation, competition instead of cooperation, specialization instead of wholeness, and a whole host of separations from what was once unity.  It was a bad scene.  But it was male scene, and consequently half the population was relatively pleased.  Or they thought they were, at least.  

Imagine their surprise then, when the fundamental science of physics -- the pride of a male dominated, exclusive God-oriented paradigm -- discovered observers being included in the act of observation, realizations that the whole of life could not be split into specializations, and that all participants were dynamically alive and inter-connected.  The essential truth of The Great Goddess was found in the quantum world, and resurrected to the macroworld.  

The Goddess had taken a powder, but now was returning.  

Perhaps there is a reason that for the last several thousand years the Goddess energy has been absent from the world.  Perhaps there had been a temporary and planned diversion, an absence designed to provide a space for the male energy to harness, and in the process achieve some fascinating and inspiring technologies.  Perhaps, it was a millennial excursion designed to accomplish a purpose, and then recombine into an even better whole: the comparative bliss of the Goddess society, supplemented with “modern conveniences”.  

In any case, the strong suggestion now is that it’s time for the Sacred Marriage between the Goddess and the God; when nature, humanity, and all the rest, can be regenerated into a sacred One.  There’s even the very distinct possibility that the wedding date’s been set -- see for example, A Once and Future Myth, or better yet, Heir Apparent.  

What might the return of the Goddess imply?  How about, for starters...


                                    Sacred Sex!  

Now that I have your attention, let's talk about spirituality.

But lest you be disappointed, we’ll also talk about sexuality.

This combination is easy enough to do, because, simply put:

The best path toward spirituality is through sexuality.


Think about it.

When was the last time you had a peak experience?

One that totally involved your emotional and physical being?

An experience when you were completely and wholly in the Now --  not thinking about tomorrow’s agenda, or where you left your socks, or why it rains in Indianapolis (or anything else, for that matter).

When was the last time you felt overwhelmingly connected, unified with another, or with the universe at large?

In other words, when was the last time you had a peak, spiritual experience in the arms of a loved one?



When was the last time you had a peak experience -- an overpowering ecstasy that literally blew you away,

That did not involve sexuality?


Given the probabilities of encountering a peak experience,

Either though sexuality (or all of those other methods),

Which seems more profitable to pursue as a spiritual path?

Which is more likely to get you there in a style to which you’d like to become accustomed?


There was a time, a long time ago,

When sexuality was an act of worship,

When love making and rejoicing were the rituals of a goddess,

When uniting in love, was a sacred offering of the most profound nature.


But then, jealousy reared its ugly head, and dualism was created --

Separating, dividing, specializing, and splitting a universal unity.

It was then the practitioners of sacred love and pleasure,

Became known as the Whores of Babylon;

And when Lilith, the mother of humanity,

Was cast in the role of a monstrous, sex-crazed mother of demons.


But that lie, that ultimate deception, fell short of its goal.

The truth which would make us all free,

Survived, flourished, and became widely known.

For the issue is not about male or female dominance,

It's not about pro-choice or pro-life,

It's not about family values or political agendas.


The issue is about exploring one’s sexuality -- discovering all of the joys, glories and delights that reside in one’s sexual, spiritual experiences.

The issue is about becoming an ascending spiritual being though acts of love, pleasure and joyous sexuality.

The issue is the Return of the Goddess.  


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