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Updated -- 1 April 2008


We the Jury:  We the Jury is a juxtaposition of several fundamentally important trials: the “religious freedom” trial of William Penn and William Mead in 1670 London, and a modern day trial set in Denver, Colorado, where an experiment gone wrong has led to two defendants being charged with a political bombing.  Of fundamental importance is the question of violating an unjust or unconstitutional law.  Characters in one story line reappear in the other, facing in many ways the same challenges.  The emphasis is on the jury (as in 12 Angry Men), but in this case, it’s the jury against virtually everyone else.  We the Jury is now on line, having Premiered July 4, 2003.  (But without all the spotlights and fancy dresses.)

Multiple Choice: A bored rebel with a fatalistic sense of no expectations, abruptly finds himself shifting among dimensional realities on an incredible journey of the soul.  Slipping from one reality to another, from past to present to the far future, he encounters others on a similar journey, and even a few totally unique experiences.  In the process, he begins to evolve into a true master of his own fate.  A unique mixture of Rambo, Highlander, Star Trek, Slaughter House Five  and Groundhog DayPremiered October 1, 2003.

Humanki:  The screenplay version of the novel, The Golden Tear from the Eye of Horus.  Because of time limitations in the average screenplay, Humanki has several scenes which do not appear in The Golden Tear... and vice versa.  Accordingly, there is a substantial difference in the two.  However, common to both is the heroine at odds with an enigmatic and dangerous group.  With the abrupt near fatal injury to her boss, she finds herself on the run, where she encounters both allies and a love interest.  In the process she begins an incredible transformation, all the while discovering what’s really happening on the third planet from the sun.  A metaphysical mixture of elements from The Fugitive, The Net, Matrix, and Conspiracy Theory. Premiered April 21, 2006.

Cindy, Et Al:  The trials and tribulations (along with certain fringe benefits) of an older man who is willing to go to great lengths to find his true love -- including bearing up under the burden of being labeled “a ladies man”.  A comedy about one of his better opportunities for happiness to become a man mated for life.  A love story, but one involving an enthusiastic love of life as much as the love of a woman; one which attempts to answer the question: “How far do you have to go to find your true love?”  Apparently, pretty darn far.  Premiers on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2009.

Descent into Hades:  A teleplay based on the characters from the popular television series, Star Trek; The Next Generation.  In this adaptation -- which was never considered by the television series producers -- Doctor Crusher finds herself in the unenviable position of being treated as a culture’s supreme goddess.  Meanwhile, the Enterprise crew must somehow alleviate the effects of what amounts to a very serious violation of the “Prime Directive”, and at the same time rescue the good doctor from... well... Hades.  Like you could guess that, right?  Premiered on Beltane, May 1, 2003.  


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